Luang Phor Noi

Luang Phor Noi

by Jun Wei

Luang Phor Noi Wat Srisathong was born on 14th February BE 2435. In fact, Luang Phor Noi first started to study magic from his father while he was still young. Luang Phor Noi started to learn Akara Lek Yant, Katha Aakom and many others from his father. Luang Phor Noi also studied Yaa (Medicine) until he became skilled and well-versed.

Once, Luang Phor Noi reached the age of 21, he was ordained as a monk at Wat GlarngKooWieng. His preceptors were the abbot of Wat Kae and Luang Phor Mun Wat Klaang (Wat Srisathong). Luang Phor is an expert of concentration of mindfulness in Buddhism.

Luang Phor Noi is a Lao’s monk. As he has been studying the art of making Phra Rahu statues from Laos. Luang Phor Noi learned the Wicha of consecrating Phra Rahu from Luang Phor Lee. Luang Phor Lee who happens to be the abbot of the temple at that time taught all the young monks in the temple about this knowledge that had been passed down from the temple’s first abbot Luang Phor Dtrai. Luang Phor Dtrai is known to be a specialist of arcane Laotian sciences such as Wicha Wua Tanoo and Rahu Om Chanpen Dton.

Luang Phor Noi was the first monk who consecrated Phra Rahu in Thailand and was popular for his knowledge in both Dharma and Visha (magic). Luang Phor Noi eventually was appointed as the abbot of Wat Srisathong and diligently worked to improve an insignificant temple until it gained relative prosperity and was also being promoted to ecclesiastical governor along the way.

It was at this time that Luang Phor Noi started to consecrate amulets in particular Rahu Om Jan and Koh Su Laap (Wua Tanoo).Without any doubt he was and is still known best for his Phra Rahu amulets. In fact they are considered top of the suite of amulets popularly known as Chut Benja Kreung Rang.

Phra Rahu amulets blessed by Luang Phor Noi use ancient Laos Bailan Akarakom texts, and are famed for bringing Chok Laap(good fortune). Phra Rahu is the god of fate, and it is believed that paying respect to Phra Rahu would protect one from bad luck and would enhance your fate.

Luang Phor Noi passed away on 10th December BE 2488 at the age of 53. Having been in monkhood for 32 years.


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