Luang Phor Mee

Luang Phor Mee

by Jun Wei

Luang Phor Mee is the abbot of Wat Pho Chedi Loy in Phetchabun Province. Back when he was young, his parents passed him by to let Luang Phor Chom take care of him and let him ordained as a novice.  Luang Phor Chom was also a friend of Ajarn Mun. During the time spent with Luang Phor Chom, Luang Phor Chom taught all his magical knowledge to Luang Phor Mee. Once Luang Phor Mee was a teenager, he would walk from Esan (Northeastern Thailand) to China to study breathing, meditation and spiritual practice or “Neigong”. After that,  he went on to study with Luang Phor Sai at Wat PhayakKaram, Lopburi Province. However Luang Phor Mee did spend some of his time working as a policeman. In fact he met and exchanged magical knowledge with the well-known Ajarn Khun Pan.  After his resignation from the police force, Luang Phor Mee was ordained as a monk by Luang Phor Sai Wat Thongkhung who was an expert in Yant Takror. Luang Phor Sai was a well-known guru monk in Ang Thong Province. In fact, Luang Phor Sai knew Luang Phor Mee would continue monkhood until the day he passed away and would become a beloved monk in people’s hearts so Luang Phor Sai taught him all of his knowledge that he had seek from several guru monks such as Luang Phor Klun Wat Phrayat, Luang Phor Im Wat Hua Khao and Luang Phor Suk Wat Pak Klong Makamtao. 

There are also some stories about Luang Phor Mee: 

  1. During the time when Luang Phor Mee was required to build a new chapel, he made a Phra Sangkachai statue and blessed the statue himself. While he was blessing, people could see a big shadow of Phra Sangkachai covering the chapel.  
  1. After Luang Phor Mee inscribed Yant “Doh” on the brass sheet, the metal had a cracking sound and rolled itself. When Luang Phor Mee touched and blew on the metal 3 times, the metal then became normal. 
  1. Once there was an owner of an iron factory who lost much profit in 1997, he went to see Luang Phor Mee to seek blessing for his business. Luang Phor Mee anointed the forehead of that man and said he would be successful in the upcoming 4 years. 4 years later, he came to see Luang Phor Mee again and mentioned that his business was very successful.

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