Luang Phor Loon

Luang Phor Loon

by Jun Wei

There is not much information about Luang Phor Loon. However, Luang Phor Loon was a well-known guru monk during his era. Luang Phor Loon was also one of the many teachers Luang Phor Kong Wat BangKaPom has. It is believed that Luang Phor Loon was alive during the period of World War 1 which is BE 2457 - BE 2464). Before Luang Phor Loon was ordained as a monk, he was a bandit with the knowledge of Wicha. During that time, the local police hated him very much as no one was able to catch him. It was until one day that Luang Phor Loon realised that he was tired of being a bandit that made him change to a better person. He would then use his Wicha to help the police in many ways. Which led the Thai King to give him an award as a reward for helping the police. After that, he was ordained as a monk. In fact, Luang Phor Loon does have many disciples and his disciples were all willing to let me Sak Yant for them. Hence, Luang Phor Loon’s Gao Yord Say Yant was very well-known during that time that whenever the local mafia heard that someone was the disciple of Luang Phor Loon they would respect him and just walk away. When Luang Phor Loon was alive, he did not consecrate many amulets. Luang Phor Loon only consecrated Rian, Takrut, Takrut Kradook Han/ Kradook Reng and ring for the devotees.

Luang Phor Loon 是一位在泰国古代法力高强的师傅. Luang Phor Loon 也是泰国圣僧Luang Phor Kong Wat BangKaPom 的其中一位恩师. Luang Phor Loon 的年代正是处于第一次世界大战的年代 (BE 2457 - BE 2464). Luang Phor Loon 在出家之前是一位法力高强的强盗. 当时的警察对他恨之入骨,没有一位警察能抓到他. 后来Luang Phor Loon 厌倦了强盗的生活决定弃暗投明,帮助当时的警方破了很多悬案,当时的泰王还颁奖封号给他. 之后Luang Phor Loon 就出家了. 当时Luang Phor Loon 非常多徒弟,很多的徒弟都给Luang Phor Loon 纹经.     Luang Phor Loon Gao Yord Sak Yant 非常有名,当时的流氓听到是Luang Phor Loon的弟子都不敢欺负.

Luang Phor Loon 在世的时候制作的圣物不多


2 )避险符管

3) Takurt Kradook Han/Kradook Reng (秃鹰骨符管)

4) 法戒

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