Luang Phor Lard

Luang Phor Lard

by Jun Wei

Luang Phor Lard Wat Nong Krabok is a disciple of two guru monks of Rayong Province. They are Luang Phor Wong Wat Bahn Khai and Luang Phor Um Wat Nong Krabok. Luang Phor Lard was famous for his Phae amulets. Phae means goat in Thai Language. As Luang Phor Lard had mastered the consecrating methods of Phae amulets from Luang Phor Um. It is believed that Phae amulets are special and difficult to make as one of the Kreung Rang items. By following the method of Luang Phor Um, the buffalo horn that has been used requires a buffalo to be struck by lightning before using the buffalo horn to consecrate Phae amulets. It is believed that buffalos that are struck by lightning will have extraordinary energy in the horn as it is the gift from heaven gods and can be used for protection against harm, danger and evil spirits (Klaew Klad)and invulnerability (Kong Grapan Chadtri).

In Thai Culture, Phae (Goat) are known to be an attractive animal as the male goat would be often accompanied by female goat. The female goat will very often fight among themselves for the attention of the male goat and hence the belief that the goat has Metta Maha Niyom and Metta Maha Seneh.

Hence it is believed that people in sales or owning business will benefit from wearing Phae amulets.

Luang Phor Lard was appointed as the abbot of Wat Nong Krabok after his teacher Luang Phor Um passed away in BE 2495. In BE 2531, Luang Phor Lard passed away. But he has taught Luang Phor Sin Wat Lahanyai the method of consecrating Phae amulet as Luang Phor Sin is well-known for his Phae amulet nowadays.

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