Luang Phor Kloi

Luang Phor Kloi

by Jun Wei

Luang Phor Kloi was born on 11th January BE 2463 in Ban Pakla Subdistrict Kan Ngern District Lang Suan Chumphon Province. He was given the name “Kloi Thong” by his parents. His father was known as Mr Phoom while his mother was known as Mrs Jaem. Luang Phor Kloi was the eldest among the 5 siblings in his family. When he was at the age of 41, he decided to ordain as a monk on 26th July BE 2504. His Preceptor was Luang Phor Jun Wat Kan Ngern. And he was given the name “Than Thummo”. 

Luang Phor Kloi would spend his time studying magic and practicing mediation around the Southern part of Thailand. As a matter of fact, he learnt from many well-known monks such as Ajarn Nam Wat Donsala, Ajarn Pan Wat Khao Orr, Luang Phor Daeng Wat Leam Sor, Luang Phor Moon Wat Khao Daeng, Luang Phor Kong Wat Ban Suan and many others. Luang Phor Kloi even spent his time studying an old magic book of Luang Phor Daeng Phuttho in Wat Tham Kaongern who is a good friend of Prince Krom Luang Chumphon. In addition, Luang Phor Kloi is a good friend of Ajarn Chum Chaikiri as they would often consecrate amulets together. 

Other than that, Luang Phor Kloi is well-known for blessing gold foil into one’s body. Many devotees of his would go to pay respect to him in Wat Tham Khao Ngern with gold foil. The blessing would require the devotees tol hold the gold foil with paper in hand and then Luang Phor Kloi would write the Yant and hit it in the air. When the devotees open the paper, the gold foil would disappear and it is known that the gold foil has gone inside one’s body. 

Unfortunately, Luang Phor Kloi passed away on 25th October BE 2539 at the age of 76 having spent 35 years in monkhood. However up till now, Luang Phor Kloi’s body still remains in Wat Tham Khao Ngern for devotees and visitors to pay respects to. And his hair and nails are still growing even after he passed on in BE 2539.

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