Luang Phor KamPan

Luang Phor KamPan

by Jun Wei

Luang Phor Kampan was born on 10th January BE 2458. His father is Mr  Naai Ken See Soo-Wong while his mother was Mrs Naang Lom See Soo-Wong. Luang Phor  Kampan entered monkhood at the age of 17, on 7th September BE 2475. He was ordained as a novice at Wat See Boon Reuang while Phra Ajarn Cheuam was the Upacha (the monk who officiates at an ordination ceremony).

After 3 years of Dharma study under Phra Ajarn Cheuam, Luang Phor Kampan was ordained as a monk at the age of 20 in BE 2478. Then, together with 2 of his seniors, he went to Tudong (forest wandering) in Loei Province in order to further develop his Dharma practice. During this period of Tudong he visited Luang Pu Sao at Wat Pohn Meuang for further advice on meditation. Besides visiting Luang Pu Sao many times, he also went to study with Phra Ajarn Kroot Seung Ben Pra Kao. 

During his stay in Loei, he visited many great guru monks  and studied from them to improve his Dharma knowledge. In BE 2482, at the age of 24, his mother passed away, leaving him to take care of his younger sister. He was thus forced to disrobe so that he can support his remaining family members. By BE 2488, he reordained as a monk; this time, he followed the tradition and went to Tudong for 3 years. After which at the age of 33, he was invited to teach Dharma at Wat Pra Poot Bat Jom Tong, Nakhon Phanom.

In BE 2509, at the age of 51, he was invited to be the abbot of Wat Koht-Sa-Ga Ram ( nowadays known as Wat Tat Mahachai). 

In fact back in BE 2472, he completed his basic primary education at Banpho School at the age of 14. Then in BE 2479, at the age of 22, he passed the 3rd Level of Pali Studies at Wat Pra Poot Bat Jom Tong. At the age of 30, in BE 2488, he got his best final examination results for Pali Studies at Wat Pra Poot Bat Jom Tong. And by BE 2489, he achieved the highest ranking for the higher levels of Pali studies at Wat Pra Poot Bat Jom Tong. 

In fact, Luang Phor Kampan is a Dharma specialist as he is able to read and write Khom and Tai Noi. Due to his extensive knowledge in Dharma and Pali chanting, he was always invited to lead and teach other monks starting from BE 2490. 

Luang Phor Kampan was also one of the most well-known and popular Dharma teachers in Northeastern Thailand. Back when he was alive, he was also the most respected monk in the Nakhon Phanom Province. Luang Phor Kampan also wrote many Dharma poems in the language of Isan (Northeast Thailand). All his poetry is well-known in Isan because besides being easy to understand, he is also an expert in Vipassana meditation (taught by Ajarn Sao) and he was also the meditation teacher for Wat Ta Mahachai, Wat Sang Pra-in and Wat Pu Pan Dan Sao Koi. During his lifetime, he helped to build and reconstruct many temples in the Isan region, besides engaging in various charity works. 

His achievements

BE 2509: Luang Phor Kampan was invited to become the abbot of Wat Koht-Sa-Gaa Raam (Wat Tat Mahachai), a post he held till his passing in BE 2546. 

BE 2509: He was promoted to become the Chief Monk of district Mahachai

BE 2518: He became the Assistant Chief Monk of district Pla Pak

BE 2519: He was nominated as Pra Upacha (Preceptor)

BE 2519: He became Head of the Dharma School (Dharma and Pali) in district Pla Pak

BE 2531: He became the Chief Monk Monk of district Pla Pak

BE 2542: He became the Senior Advisor of district Pla Pak

Other achievements of his

BE 2518: He was officially promoted to a Grade 3 Dharma teacher

BE 2520: He was officially promoted to a Grade 2 Dharma teacher

BE 2528: He was officially promoted to a Top Grade Dharma teacher

BE 2535: He was bestowed the title of Prasoon-ton Tan-ma Gon by His Majesty, the King of Thailand

Charity Accomplishments

BE 2492: Chairman in charge of rebuilding the Ubosot of Wat Pra Poot Baat Jom Tong

BE 2494: Chairman in charge of rebuilding the bell tower of Wat Pra Poot Baat Jom Tong

BE 2498: Chairman in charge of leading people in Mahachai to re-build Wat Mahachai

BE 2500: Chairman in charge of leading people in Mahachai to re-build the ‘Miraculous Buddha Image’ of Wat Mahachai

BE 2514: Chairman in charge of leading people in Mahachai to re-build the Buddha Relic

Pagoda in Wat Mahachai

BE 2520: Chairman in charge of leading people in Mahachai to build the Ubosot in Wat


BE 2524: Chairman in charge of leading people in Mahachai to build the surrounding wall

of Wat Mahachai

BE 2527: Chairman in charge of leading people in Mahachai to build the monks’ cells

BE 2527: Chairman in charge of leading people in Mahachai to re-build the Wat Pa Mahachai and Wat Arayankam

BE 2528: Chairman in charge of leading people in Mahachai to build the extension of monks’ cells

BE 2534: Chairman in charge of leading people in Mahachai to build the Tumkorsitwitaya Secondary School for the underprivileged

BE 2536: Chairman in charge of leading people in Mahachai to build the Tummagonweethaya Secondary School

BE 2537: Chairman in charge of creating the big Buddha image called the Gagroon Buddha for Wat Sarn Phra In

BE 2537: Chairman in charge of leading people in Mahachai to build the Mahachai Witthayakom Secondary School for the underprivileged 

BE 2545: Chairman in charge of leading people in Mahachai to build the Pla Pak hospital. Besides all of these extensive charity works, Luang Phor Kampan also helped many government sectors to raise funds for the police force, army and various other public facilities.Therefore, it’s not difficult to see why Luang Phor Kampan is so well-respected by everyone in the Nakhon Phanom province. In fact, many local Thais venerate him as a living Arahant.(Wat Kosadaram was home to another important northeastern Buddhist monk, Luang Phor Kamhan Kosapanya. Within the compound, the Phra That Mahachai houses holy Buddha relics, the largest wooden engraved Buddha image, and the region’s most exquisite wall murals. Buddhist devotees visit the Achan Bua Temiyo Museum to view his personal items and pay respect to his corpse, which miraculously does not decompose though it was never chemically treated.) 

Unfortunately, Luang Phor Kampan passed away peacefully on 24th November BE 2546, at 01.59hr, in his kuti. He was at the age of 88, having spent a total of 58 rain retreats.

Luang Phor Kampan出生於佛歷2458年1月10日,於納坤巴濃的一個名叫那各(Nakeat)的鄉村里。父親名乃吉,母親名喃朗,姓氏為“洗素翁”(Sisuwong). Luang Phor Kampan 有 一个妹妹. 在Luang Phor Kampan 五歲時,父親就逝世了,母親之後改嫁了給乃賢。Luang Phor Kampan也認了乃賢為義父。隨後母親為乃賢生育了數位兒女。義父對 Luang Phor Kampan 兄妹倆視如己出,悉心照顧,一有空時就教他們讀書識字.

Luang Phor Kampan自小就是一位勤學的孩子,空閑之時就幫義父照顧果樹,收成時也幫忙把水果運到市場上售賣. Luang Phor Kampan從小就好靜,不太愛說話,喜歡閱讀佛經之類的書籍,也聽佛經. 到了20歲時,像大多數的青年人一樣,準備出家以完成孝敬父母之意,希望在還沒有成家之前出家剃度為僧,這是最理想的選擇. 其一、可表示孝敬父母,報答養育之恩情;二、可以從出家之中學習到許多佛家知道,在還俗之後,將之用於發展事業和對社會做出貢獻;三、是守戒律,凡事都以佛家思想為基礎,放棄執著保持慈悲的心懷.

Luang Phor Kampan 這一次出家授俱戒了四年,於二十四歲時,義父逝世,留下了重擔給母親擔當. Luang Phor Kampan覺得很過意不去,於決定還俗回家幫助母親重整家業。經過了數年的整頓之後,慢慢的將職權交托與弟妹們. 其實他對僧侶的生活非常懷念,決定再次向母親要求讓他重回空門. 母親聆聽了他的心聲後,非常高興的答應了.

於2488年4月17日。再次授俱足戒為僧,當年Luang Phor Kampan 30歲,出家於 Wat Pho Chai,Phra Narakhon為戒師,並得法名為“柏甘盤.柯薩般喲”(Phar Kam Pam Khosapamjo).自從Luang Phor Kampan出家之後,就勤修佛學經文。經過了兩年的苦修,Luang Phor Kampan開始對禪定法門產生了濃厚的興趣。他最終辭別了廟住持,展開他的苦行戒律之旅。來到了烏汶府。在這裡他有幸遇見了多位名師高僧,尤其是遇上了一位禪定宗師,由他指點了不少的禪定要訣.

 此位名師正是龍婆曼的師父—龍婆少。從此也認識了一位龍婆少的徒弟,名為Luang Phor Kinali 也是一位禪定宗師. 跟隨Luang Phor Kinali一段時期後,Luang Phor Kampan的禪定修為更上一層樓. 此後Luang Phor Kampan就辭別 Luang Phor Kinali,繼續走進深山裡修苦行戒。有一次,他進入了一座大森林,有幸遇見了一位住在山洞裡的白衣修行者.當時Luang Phor Kampan普走入森林,不巧遇上一只大老虎。猛虎當前,Luang Phor Kampan 不敢再往前走。正在進退兩難之際,一穿白衣的老者突然現身;只見老者向猛虎點了點頭,猛虎就立即退回森林深處去了.

白衣老者走向Luang Phor Kampan,竟行了一個跪拜禮。Luang Phor Kampan受寵若驚,立即向錢把老者扶起來。原來老者是這森林的守護者,住在山崖上修行,知道Luang Phor Kampan 是一位得道高僧,所以在遇上危險之際,身為當地的守護者,必然要挺身相助。所以白衣老者認為 Luang Phor Kampan必須學習呼喚守護神的法門,也被稱為“喚靈術”.而這種“喚靈術”. 是需要運用高深的禪定力方能行使。白衣老者立即把這難得的法術傾囊相授,以便日後Luang Phor Kampan在修苦行遇上危險時可以化險為夷.

經過了多年的苦行及尋訪名師,Luang Phor Kampan的禪定造旨已經非常高深,達到宿世通的境界,既能知悉過去和未來,甚至知道前幾世的經歷. Luang Phor Kampan的前幾世均是僧侶,生在泰國及寮國這兩個國度,均投胎在湄公河河域。這跟Luang Phor Kampan的身世有一定的淵源。譬如其中一世,Luang Phor Kampan為僧時養了一只馬。每日早上Luang Phor Kampan就騎馬到數幾公裡外的鄉村化緣.

接下來的一世,此馬就投胎為他的女兒,這一世的 Luang Phor Kampan在還沒有出家前僧在家室。直到這一世,這宿世緣還沒有完結,前世的“女兒”有化身為一名近身隨從,專門駕車載送Luang Phor Kampan,他的名字叫乃汶. Luang Phor Kampan雖然知道此宿世緣,不過不便說出來. 有一次 Luang Phor Kampan 以他心通預知與他有宿世緣乃汶身處困境. 原來乃汶必須裝修其住家,且要趕在女兒出嫁之前完成乃汶正在為裝修的費用發愁,當 Luang Phor Kampan預知此事後,就決定幫助乃汶度過次難關。於第二天早上,他就召見了乃汶. 

Luang Phor Kampan從袋子裡拿出了一個小布帶,交給了乃汶。乃汶好奇的打開一看,發現裡面裝了一枚金制的 Phra Kring(藥師佛). 這一期的佛像制造的不多,而且是Luang Phor Kampan最喜愛的,編號為九號。不過為了幫助乃汶,他只好割愛贈送給乃汶. 他吩咐乃汶拿去給州內的一位富商看看,相信他會出一個理想的價碼。結果乃汶就依照Luang Phor Kampan的吩咐找了富商。結果富商真的以十二萬銖的高價奉請該佛像。這個數目正符合乃汶所缺的裝修費用. 乃汶對Luang Phor Kampan的協助感動萬分,所以終身護持Luang Phor Kampan,直到Luang Phor Kampan圓寂為止.

Luang Phor Kampan的禪定造旨高深,是修行來的。每位僧侶的禪定功力都是要經過修行,加上前世的累積功德,有功德者快,無功德者則需時較長. 當修行至一定的程度時,自有各自的領悟。首先將會跟靈界的靈體,靈魂和神仙們溝通。在那凡人看不見的靈界裡,也有靈界信眾,他們也會朝拜佛祖及僧侶,就好像我們人的世界一樣。我們凡人是看不見的,只有修行的僧侶才可感覺到他們的存在。所以僧侶在作完晚課之後,就吟誦回向經咒於他們,望他們得到解脫,或去投胎,或登上更好的果位.

曾經有一次,Luang Phor Kampan苦行至一山區時,當時已入黃昏,於是在樹下吊起傘帳,准備在山裡過一夜. Luang Phor Kampan 准備進行禪定,卻隱約間見到五位作女尼打扮的信徒站在帳外。Luang Phor Kampan立即使用天眼通一看,知道他們都是靈體. 問明來因,原來是要Luang Phor Kampan向他們講述佛經及回向. 如此的際遇,Luang Phor Kampan不知經歷多少回,所以每逢晚課後,他必吟誦回向經與這些凡人看不見的靈體,以助於他們得於超脫輪回.

 Luang Phor Kampan除了進入山林修苦行之外,每逢守夏節,他還會選擇較偏僻的小寺廟駐住. 有一年Luang Phor Kampan進駐一座建在山頂的寺廟,守夏三個月. 當時廟裡有六位僧侶,三位老僧和三位年輕的僧侶包括 Luang Phor Kampan. 此寺廟離最近的村莊就有四,五公裡之遙. 每天清晨,他們得到那村莊行托錛布施,除了路途遙遠之外,山路又不平坦。因此托錛化緣這粗重的工作就由Luang Phor Kampan及兩位年輕的僧侶擔當起來了.

每天一早,Luang Phor Kampan必先要另兩位僧侶先下山,他隨後再跟來. 那兩位僧侶從前門外出,而Luang Phor Kampan卻從後門走下山. 過了一個小時後,兩位僧侶托錛而歸來,將得來的食物放在一個鐵盆裡,一般只的半盆而已。然而過了十分鐘,Luang Phor Kampan也回來了,他又將食物放在另一個鐵盆裡,卻是滿滿的. 兩位僧侶看了一看,發現Luang Phor Kampan托錛得來的食物包裝比較先進,一般在城市才會有的包裝;打從那時起,就開始流傳Luang Phor Kampan身負神行的神通了.

曾經有一年,Luang Phor Kampan在泰寮邊境的一個村莊過守節。這些邊境地區大多駐有士兵,Luang Phor Kampan 初來到步,當然是人生地不熟. 有一天清晨,Luang Phor Kampan使用神行功來到了一處山林,那原來是一個村莊的入口處. Luang Phor Kampan走進了一條小徑,小徑兩旁長滿了香蕉樹. Luang Phor Kampan慢慢的向前走,大約走了十多二十步,突然響起一陣機關槍的掃射聲. 機關槍掃射過後,路旁的香蕉樹全都給射得亂七八糟,倒塌滿地. 士兵開槍掃射後,即蜂佣貼近目票處一看,現場只見有一個人站著,細看一下原來是一位僧侶。士兵們都被嚇了一跳. 由於當時非常早,光線還是依稀迷蒙. 原來士兵們一早接到了線報,稱將會有敵軍來窿,所以他們必須二十四小時戒備.

 清晨時士兵們聽到了山林中發出翼聲,以為敵軍出現了,所以就開槍掃射. 此時驚見來者竟然是只是一位僧侶,而且經歷了亂槍掃射之後,身上卻一點槍傷都沒有. 大家立刻察覺 Luang Phor Kampan絕非滔滔之輩,紛紛向他跪拜請求原諒. Luang Phor Kampan一臉笑容地說道:“你們都是為了國家而盡忠職守,所謂不知者不罪,大家可放心”。說著,從僧袋裡拿出了一只清水,加持一番後,就往士兵們的身上灑去. 結果一團的士兵成為了一支百戰百勝的兵團,也造成日後許多士兵都奉Luang Phor Kampan為他們心目中的守護神. 因此Luang Phor Kampan的寺廟一般都會有很多士兵駐守的. Luang Phor Kampan制造的佛牌也很受阿兵哥的歡迎,尤其是納坤巴濃調派至南疆的士兵,十之八九都佩戴了Luang Phor Kampan的佛牌或護身塔固或符筒. 

 Luang Phor Kampan在禪定之時常游走龍宮. 據說此事是由一位Luang Phor Kampan的近身徒弟所述說的. 這位僧侶名為Phra Pam Yo,年輕時向Luang Phor Kampan學習禪定。兩年之後,Phra Pam Yo的禪定功力大有進步。於一個守夏節時期,Phra Pam Yo好奇地問起 Luang Phor Kampan對廊開府每年出夏節都會有龍吐珠現像的看法. Luang Phor Kampan笑了一笑的,反問Phra Pam Yo道:“你可相信有龍嗎?”Phra Pam Yo不暇思索地回答說:“不相信!”。Luang Phor Kampan聽了就站起來 ,站到了Phra Pam Yo的身後,吩咐Phra Pam Yo進入禪定境界。不知過了多久,Luang Phor Kampan就說:“你可以睜開眼睛了。”Phra Pam Yo慢慢將眼睛睜開一看,立即被嚇得嘴巴也合不起來了。眼前所見,竟然是一座富麗堂皇得難以想像的宮殿。此時Luang Phor Kampan 說:“這就是海龍王的皇宮.”

 宮殿內有許多作人身打扮的隨從,可是就是不見海龍王. Luang Phor Kampan 就說:“海龍王已上了天庭,與佛陀守夏節,待出夏節的那一天歸來吐龍珠. ”Phra Pam Yo聽了感到非常感動,深感宇宙之間充滿了許多不可思議的事情,必須擁有高深的禪定造旨,方可深入探討此境界。“參觀”過龍宮之後Luang Phor Kampan 把 Phra Pam Yo“帶回”現實世界. Luang Phor Kampan嚴正的屬咐Phra Pam Yo道:“請別將此事件告訴別人,否則別人會以為你是瘋子呢!”經歷此事之後,Phra Pam Yo就奮發圖強,勤修禪定法門,造就他日後成為了一代禪定宗師.

關於Luang Phor Kampan“龍”的淵源,還有許多實例. 曾經有一次,Luang Phor Kampan想要乘塔一只舢舨渡河到寮國去. 當時小舢舨上已有數位塔客,見Luang Phor Kampan乘舟,都非常有禮貌的讓Luang Phor Kampan坐在上座.

當小舢舨行至河中央時,突然刮起一陣大風;小舢板經不起大風的吹攀,差一點就要翻覆過來.此時河中缺升起一團黑煙像手掌狀,又像“龍”的黑影,團團卷護著小舢舨。待大風停下來之後,黑影才逐漸散去. 雖然大家都安然無膏的逃過一劫,卻都已被嚇得魂不附體。這時候Luang Phor Kampan雙手合什,吟誦了一段經咒,若無其事的吩咐船夫繼續開船.當時大家才如夢初醒,知道是Luang Phor Kampan使喚龍王到來協助解危。

佛歷2494年,Luang Phor Kampan來到了一座山林,准備在那裡扎營過一夜. 傘帳甫吊起不久,就括起了一陣強風. Luang Phor Kampan卻氣定神閑地進入傘帳修持禪定. 過了一會兒,有一白影跪在其傘帳前. Luang Phor Kampan立即問明白影的來意;原來這白影就是山神,要求Luang Phor Kampan駐住此山. 近來山內出現了一條七頭柏雅納神龍,經常四處搗亂,無人能降得住。山神得悉Luang Phor Kampan與柏雅納有淵源,於是請求Laung Phor Kampan把神龍降服. 結果Luang Phor Kampan答應了山神,且在降服了七頭神龍之後,還帶領了許多人移居到這裡,並命名為般瑪哈差(Baan Mahachai).

Luang Phor Kampan在降服神龍的地點建起一座舍利塔,讓神龍長駐守在舍利塔. 之後Luang Phor Kampan把該地段發展成寺廟,命名為Wat That Maha Chai。從此之後, Luang Phor Kampan就逐漸減少出門苦修行戒律,專著發展廟務,先後增建了大雄寶殿及講經堂等設施. 經過多年的建設後,Luang Phor Kampan已將寺廟建的非常宏偉,可是此時廟裡的舍利塔出現了裂痕. 當消息傳至九世皇耳中,九世皇就馬上命令御寺工匠為佛塔進行第二次礦建.

御匠們來到佛塔前,准備量度佛塔的構造,卻發現有七條大蛇圍繞著佛塔不願離去。眾御匠無奈,只有停下來向Luang Phor Kampan通報. Luang Phor Kampan立即拿了七支香,在佛塔前吟誦了經咒,把香插在地上,不一會兒七條大蛇就爬進山林裡去了. Luang Phor Kampan解說道:“他們是護持佛塔的七頭神龍的化身,永遠的護持此舍利塔. ”如今Luang Phor Kampan向他們表達了修佛塔意願,他們即暫時退位,至佛塔修建完畢後在值守護之職.


初 Luang Phor Kampan建廟初期,跟來了一群寮境的居民 寄住在Luang Phor Kampan所建的小村莊裡. 每晚他們必來探望Luang Phor Kampan. 有一天夜晚,有一群人帶來一個病人,這病人是一個中年漢,染了重病,且早已尋遍名醫,但均對病情束手無策. 這一下是聽聞了“龍僧”的名號,前來誠求此僧侶治療. Luang Phor Kampan看了病人之後,診斷此人得了血毒病症,也即是現代人所說的血癌.Luang Phor Kampan說:“想要救他,只有換血一法!”

可惜當時醫療設備落後,沒有所謂的換血法. Luang PhorKampan心想,此症實在難醫,除非只有天降奇跡方可得救. 於是Luang Phor Kampan便誦經持咒,希望借助天龍之力為病人治病. 過了一會兒,現場圍觀的一個寮國中年漢突然臉現紅筋,雙手十指像虎爪一樣大張開來,雙眼大睜瞪著Luang Phor Kampan. Luang Phor Kampan一看就知道是此人被神龍附身, 於是拿起經水往神龍亂童身上潑去,亂童立即就靜了下來. 

接著Luang Phor Kampan提起一支蠟燭,在亂童的喉部畫了一道符. 隨即亂童就發出“呼!呼!”的聲音。原來Laung Phor Kampan是為亂童開金口,以便能互相交談溝通。Luang Phor Kampan問起神龍因何附身亂童?神龍說出原因,原來他是Luang Phor Kampan的召喚而來的,且願聽從Luang Phor Kampan的差遣.於是Luang Phor Kampan就要神龍亂童為中年病人醫治血毒症。神龍亂童轉頭望了病人一下,逐吩咐人准備一杯清水.

神龍亂童向清水吟了一陣咒語,叫病人喝下。之後在病人背後畫上了一道符,雙手壓在病人背上。神龍亂童突然大力地吸氣,莊似非常辛苦.不一會,神龍亂童拿來Luang Phor Kampan的痰罐嘴中吐出一大口一大口青黃色的淤血來.在場圍觀的人都被神龍亂童的舉動弄糊塗了,怎麼醫人會醫到吐血呢? 大吐一輪之後,神龍亂童就說:“醫好了!”Luang Phor Kampan也不明就裡,於是問道:“神龍,這是怎麼一回事,怎麼會醫到你吐血呢?”神龍亂童回答說:“我已將他身上的血毒吸走,在通過我的身體吐出來。現在他身上的毒血已被清除,沒病了!” 

可是病人被施法後,就一直躺在床上,沒什麼動靜,眾人心裡都在著急. 過了一會,Luang Phor Kampan見病人還沒醒過來,就用經水向病人身上灑去. 病人身體觸及經水,馬上跳了起來. 醒過來之後,本來病重的他看來已精神百倍,與之前相比判若兩人。得知Luang Phor Kampan及神龍亂童出手相救,他馬上向Luang Phor Kampan及神龍亂童叩謝.

 自從得到神龍亂童的協助,Luang Phor Kampan成功幫助不少村民消災解難. 神龍亂童依舊使用“吸病”的方法治好了無數的病人,甚至遇上腎結石或膽結石的病人,神龍亂童也照吸無誤,吐出來的結石,少者一顆,多者可達十余至數十顆. 從初期的一位亂童增加到後期的七位神龍亂童。但是經過多年後,一些亂童因老逝世,一些又告老還鄉,亂童的數目就越來越少了。加上沒有合適的接班人,慢慢的神龍亂童救世的聖號就停止了,非常可惜.

於佛歷2546年中,Luang Phor Kampan也因年老體弱,進出醫院無數次更曾乘塔專機到曼谷的醫院留院. 當Luang Phor Kampan感覺病情轉暖之後,就要求信徒把他接回寺廟修養. 於4月11日,Luang Phor Kampan回到樾塔瑪哈猜. 於同月16日護士發現Luang Phor Kampan發高燒,每隔一個小時必須用冷水替Luang Phor Kampan抹身,以降低身體的高溫.


據聞在泰國有史以來,在多位龍婆高僧之中,只有三位大師能徒手隔空變出舍利子!當中有一位是大家熟悉的周冠羅,而Luang Phor Kampan亦是其中一位,加上師父神通了得,儘管於佛歷2546年圓寂,但泰國人亦認為師父已果達至阿羅漢境界,仍為信眾們加持信物. 所以仍存明顯效果. 








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