Luang Phor Chaloem

Luang Phor Chaloem

by Jun Wei

Luang Phor Chaloem is the current abbot of Wat Prayatikaram in Ayutthaya province. On top of that, he also possesses the knowledge of the magic of Luang Phor Klan Wat Prayatikaram who has also been recognized as one of the top guru monks in Thailand. 

In fact, Luang Phor Chaloem is modest, humble and solitary. Nowadays, he is also regarded as one of the guru monks of Thailand. To some of the readers, they might be wondering how did Luang Phor Chaloem learn the magic of Luang Phor Klan. Luang Phor Chaloem studied magic and mantras from Luang Phor An who was the abbot at that time after Luang Phor Klan. In fact, Luang Phor Klan passed down his knowledge of magic to Luang Phor An and then Luang Phor An passed it down to Luang Phor Chaloem. 

The magic of Luang Phor Klan is known for protection. It can be said that Luang Phor Chaloem is an expert in Visha Chatree (magic of invulnerability) and Yant Jakapattrathirat (great ancient magic of protection, wealth and charm).

Every time when Luang Phor Chaloem blesses amulets, he would invite the spirits of his teachers including Luang Phor Klan down to join in blessing the amulets as well.

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