Luang Phor Jerm

Luang Phor Jerm

by Jun Wei

Luang Phor Jerm was born on 21st June BE 2451 in the Province of Nakorn Si Tammarat. He was ordained at Wat Kongkasawat (Wat Tai) by Pra Kru Prapatapoonsatiti (Luang Phor Num Kesaro) who acted as his Phra Upacha.

Apart from learning about magic, Luang Phor Jerm also spent his time on astrological science, Dharma and an ancient science called Buddhum, which taught Buddha's Dharma and the secrets to control the mind power efficiently.

In BE 2497, Luang Phor Nun Titapun-yo who was the abbot of Wat Hoi Rak became seriously ill and was unable to continue his studies at the temple. Hence, Luang Phor Jerm was invited to be the abbot of Wat Hoi Rak. 

One thing that Luang Phor Jerm is well-known for was his Phra Buddha Prok Bodhi amulet. It is believed that the amulet protects the wearer from dangers such as harm, weapon, black magic and incident and can improve the wearer’s luck.

There is one notable report regarding those wearing Phra Phong Prai Samut. In BE 2506, in the Southern part of Thailand, there was a hurricane incident that has caused many people to be killed. However, during the period of this natural disaster thoses that were wearing the Phra Phong Prai Samut were reported to be saved.  

The Phra Phong Prai Samut Amulet took Luang Phor Jerm more than 7 years to find and locate the sacred materials. Such materials as:

1.) "Din Prai Samut" (Soils & Sacred Substance from the Sea);

2.) Powder (crushed) from the bones of the corpses. The corpses should have died on Saturdays and cremated on Tuesdays. The corpses are taken from 7 different cemeteries.

In fact, Luang Phor Jerm learnt the methods to consecrate the Phra Phong Prai Samut from several individuals. They are:

1.) Mr. Poo Kaewchuay, his father, who learnt magic from Phra Kru Panungsilvisutipukdi, former abbot of Wat Salakaew (famous during the reign of Rama V and V1)

2.) Luang Phor Num Kesaro who specialized in many sacred magic including ancient herbal medicine and astrology;

3.) Luang Phor Num Titanpun-yo,the former abbot of Wat Hoi Rak who specialized in many sacred magic  including ancient herbal and astrological sciences.

In the beginning, Luang Phor Jerm was not interested in consecrating any amulets as he preferred teaching Dharma. However, after repeated requests from devotees and disciples he began to consecrate a batch of amulets. He started by collecting sacred materials required, a process that took him about 7 years to complete. The first batch was pressed into the mould in BE 2499 and were blessed for a period of 5 years. Some sacred spells such as Pramahamern were recited as many as 10,000 times.

It took Luang Phor Jerm as long as 4 months to mix the sacred materials together and even took the moulds as long as 3 years to complete. Luang Phor Jerm reminded those that he gave the amulet to that they should live life with honesty, integrity and pure conscience, according to the teaching of Buddha. In addition, Luang Phor Jerm even told his devotees and disciples to give rice and water to the amulets every Tuesday or Saturday before leaving their houses, as they must wear the amulet and pray for protection.

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