Luang Phor Hong

Luang Phor Hong

by Jun Wei

Luang Phor Hong was born on 23rd March BE 2461 at Tungmon village, Prasart District, Surin Province. His father was Mr Boak while his mother was Mrs Auen. Both of his parents were farmers. And amongst the children in the family ,Luang Phor Hong was the eldest as he has 8 brothers and sisters. 

At the age of 18, he was ordained as a novice and the monks such as Luang Phor Prae, Luang Phor Cheung and Luang Phor Gad would call him “Samanane Bromsorn” (Novice Bromsorn). By the time he reached the age of 20, he was ordained as a monk at Wat Petchaburi and was given the name “Brommapanyo”.

As a matter of fact, Luang Phor Hong had studied both theoretical, practical Dharma and magic from many guru monks. However 7 years after his ordination, he travelled to Cambodia to practice meditation and to seek peace. Afterward, he returned to Wat Petchaburi, where he was appointed as the abbot of the temple during the year BE 2516.

Despite the fact that Luang Phor Hong had already passed away on 5 March BE 2557, he remains to be known as one of the top guru monks of the present era. As he is known for his knowledge in both Dharma and Visha.

In actuality, Luang Phor Hong was a virtuous monk and performed many miracles such as bringing good luck and fortune to those who met him. He dedicated merit to people, cured patients with his wax and sacred water. His reputation as a guru monk extended as did the popularity of his amulets.

Prince Narodom of Cambodia held great respect for Luang Phor Hong. So much so that he attributed the blessings of the great monk to his success in regaining control of his country. It is said that the prince had asked Luang Phor Hong what he wanted from helping him at that time, to which Luang Phor Hong jokingly replied ''half of Cambodia''. After the victory, the prince offered half of Cambodia as promised, but Luang Phor obviously graciously declined.

Luang Phor Hong was also involved in many construction projects such as new temples, dams, schools, roads, health centres and forestry. As a result of his untiring efforts and charitable work he was awarded an insignia “Wheel of the Law” from Her Royal Highness Princess Theparatrajasuda in 1994. This was given in recognition of his services to the Buddhist religion and conservation. 

Stories about Luang Phor Hong:

Luang Phor Hong's knowledge of Visha had come from Cambodia and is widely-proven for its efficaciousness. There have been reports of miracles and beneficial experiences related to Luang Phor Hong and his sacred amulets among the locals of Surin Province, like protection from bullets and knives.

In fact, Luang Phor mentioned that his amulets were not only sacred but efficient. He said that ''you shouldn't even dispose of the box that came with the amulet. If you want to throw it away, please give it back to me.'' Also, he told his many disciples that “if my amulets do not work, may I die one hundred times a day”. Above all, you have to observe the five basic Buddhist precepts of moral practice. If you can follow these precepts, nothing can harm you.

It was said that unusual phenomena like lightning and thunderstorms have also occurred during consecration ceremonies held by Luang Phor Hong in the past. What is most amazing is that not a single candle or incense stick was extinguished during the ceremonies, despite heavy thunderstorms.

Holy beings have also been reportedly sighted at the ceremonies. Such can be seen in the  Dharma practice of Luang Phor Hong.

There have been many accounts in Thai media about Luang Phor Hong’s sacred item:

His Kumanthong is known to bring luck and protection. A small child was being bullied and teased at school. His father placed Luang Phor Hong’s Kumanthong  on the neck of his son and asked Luang Phor Hong specifically to bless the amulet to offer protection. When the boy was bullied again, he was able to lift up his much larger assailment and cast him aside.

His amulets are widely worn by border control soldiers and police who have survived many dangerous and seemingly fatal incidents. Numerous accounts exist of miraculous survival from bombs and bullets.  One incident  that had been reported about a bullet from a machine gun ignited and fell to the ground before hitting the intended target. This is known to be the effect of a magic incantation known as “Puen Taek Nam”

A policeman had wanted to test the “power” of his Takrut. So he placed the Takrut on the ground and fired his pistol at it. He attempted to shoot the Takrut three times at close range, and on each occasion he was unable to hit the target, which appeared to move by itself. He visited Luang Phor Hong for an explanation, who said '' the amulet is not for trying''

Another incident was the case of a Japanese gentleman who reported a large fire that had burnt a number of terraced houses to the ground, only a single dwelling escaped the inferno. That house had a framed sacred yant of Luang Phor Hong hanging on the door.

Luang Phor Hong 生于: 佛历 BE 2462,圆寂:佛历 BE 2558. Luang Phor Hong 严守戒律,修行也很高,是避险法门宗师,近代顶尖高僧龙婆宏. Luang Phor Hong 也是泰国顶级圣僧之一.   

Luang Phor Hong 原名"术温甩孔",他家中8兄弟姐妹,大师为大儿子. Luang Phor Hong 18岁时,母亲突然要求大师到佛寺出家为小和尚,大师感非常突然,想想后只答应出家7天.  

当Luang Phor Hong 在屈辟吐你佛寺,作小和尚后第三天,大师坐在一树下休息,突然有一男一女,来到大师前跪拜要求大师为他们唱经,大师听后只有沉默,因为大师根本不懂唱经,这一男一女接着说:大师,请先念尊敬佛陀经文三次吧. 

Luang Phor Hong 心想自己懂得念,就开口开始念敬佛陀经文了. 但大师像不能自控竟然能唱经. 这时,这对男女非常高兴,像听到什么天乐似的,大师唱经停止后,男女便向大师跪拜道谢后,便转身行走了,但没走到几步,便神奇地消失了.   

龙婆宏大师感到非常奇怪,为什么自己懂唱经了呢?他便走到佛殿向佛寺住持大师查问,住持大师只回答一句:这是你前世修来,从此大师便对佛法很有兴趣,先前答应母亲出家7天,现在不知不觉的到20岁了,而且由佛寺住持:Luang Phor Prae, Luang Phor Cheung, Luang Phor Gad 为Luang Phor Hong,主持正式成为僧侣的仪式. 

Luang Phor Hong 成为正式僧侣后,非常勤奋学习各种佛法,更向各处多位高僧求学,经过三年时间, Luang Phor Hong 开始云游修行,大师在修行期间每当遇到其他高僧,都会向高僧求教,学成后又继续到各处修行,一直修行至柬埔寨,与当地大师有缘,跟多位法力高强的高僧学法,学到各种法门,如解降、医治奇难杂症等等.  


Luang Phor Hong 在柬埔寨修行期间,有一次,他来到有山有河的地方,大师便在这里坐禅,从下午二点,至零晨二时,当大师争开眼后,竟看见一天神从天而降,教导大师一些神奇的法门,教导完后,天神的慢慢从大师眼前消失. 当大师在向天神跪拜感谢时,突然在大师面前出现一位小孩,这小孩肤色全黑,站着不动,大师觉奇怪,便走到小孩面前轻轻一碰   小孩竟向后跌倒在地上,然后又弹起站着,大师便绕到小孩背后,同样轻轻一碰,小孩又向前倒下,但这次弹起后,小孩竟变成约5米高的巨人. 

原来这位小孩是仙童. 这时,仙童将制作金童子的法门,传授给龙婆宏大师,传授完毕后,仙童就消失了. Luang Phor Hong 在世时,所制的金童子方法,都是按照这位仙童所教导的方法制作,所以大师制作的金童子,善信恭请后都同说非常灵验.


Luang Phor Hong 在柬埔寨时期,曾经行到一个乡村,这个乡村名为"班古"村,村民非常有善. 所以 Luang Phor Hong 回泰国后,都会回到"班古"村探望村人/ 有一次, 大师带着弟子到"班古" 村,弟子们都十分惊讶,因为村中竟有千人一起迎接大师,一直到村中佛寺,后来大师的弟子向村民打听,原来大师当年修行至"班古"村时,正处战乱,天上掉下了多枚炸弹,每枚都像西瓜一样大,但炸弹竟没有爆炸,全部沉入地下,村民都认为是大师的圣迹,所以都非常信奉大师.


另外一个事迹:柬埔寨出了一个女侠盗,她劫富济贫,手下有50人,而且法力高强,能在众人前隐身,柬埔寨警察追捕她多次都告失败,警察听闻Luang Phor Hong 是一位圣僧,便向大师求助,希望能将女盗捉拿.

Luang Phor Hong 听说女盗事迹之后,要求警方:如女盗答应以后不再犯罪,就不要捉拿女盗.   

警察心想:如不答应,也捉拿不到女盗. 所以,就答应了Luang Phor Hong 的要求. 然后, Luang Phor Hong 跟着随警察到来女盗家中,坐下念诵经文. 突然,Luang Phor Hong 说:回来了吗?   但是,大家都没有看见任何人. 原来,女盗隐身回来了. 大师说:进来吧. 女盗走进房间,当时大家都只听到有脚步声,但没有看见任何人. 又听到Luang Phor Hong 说:“坐吧”.然后,龙婆宏大师继续念诵经文,这时,大家才看见女盗坐在大师面前. 

女盗见自己的法术已被破,想从腰间拔枪,只听见Luang Phor Hong 大喊一声:"跌",女盗怎样也拔不出手枪. Luang Phor Hong 说:“服输吗?”女盗服输了,大师便向女盗说佛法. 然后,女盗更受了八戒.

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