Luang Phor Hin

Luang Phor Hin

by Jun Wei



Luang Phor Hin was born on 9 November BE 2442 in the province of Priwaeng which is located in Cambodia.  Luang Phor Hin ordained as a monk twice. During his first ordination, he was ordained as a novice monk at Wat Thanakan, Priwaeng Province, District of Tabek, Sub District of Jang which is in Cambodia for a period of 3 years. Before he was required to leave monkhood to help out with his family business. BY BE 2463, he went back to Wat Thanakan and was ordained for the second time as a monk. His preceptors were Phra Ratanawongkha as Upaccha , Ajarn Raem as Kammavacacharn and Phra anusavanacharn as Mongkholtera.

Before his 1st pansa , Luang Phor Hin learnt a lot from various guru monks that reside in Wat Thanakan. However, after his first rain retreat he went on to learn more from other guru monks. One of the yantras that Luang Phor Hin had learnt was Yant Trinisinghe. When Luang Phor Hin was a novice monk, he learnt about Yant Trinisinghe and applied it very well. Thereafter, many guru monks that taught him before realised that he was a fast learner and would start to teach him all their knowledge to them. Hence, Luang Phor Hin also became an expert in traditional herb medicine and applied what he learned to help many people. 

During his 2nd and 3rd pansas, he became interested in meditation and learnt a lot about the practice from the monks at Wat Thanakan. It was estimated that Luang Phor Hin was taught by more than 180 monks in total.

Luang Phor Hin led a group of monks by foot, with the aim to travel to India from Cambodia, but unfortunately, one of the monks fell ill in Thailand, where they stayed put for the pansa that year.

After the pansa , Luang Phor Hin travelled into Chiangmai and stayed at Wat Siridong for a month, before travelling to Sukhothai and stayed at Wat Phuttaprang for two months. Moving towards Ayutthaya, he came into acquaintance with Phra Upaccha Thep, the abbot of Wat ThangLuang in the district of Bangsai. Luang Phor Hin became good friends with him and stayed in Wat Thangluang for a total of 11 years helping with the supervision and construction of the main prayer hall and other temple structures.

In BE 2478 , Luang Phor Hin learnt about Somdej Toh who had inspired him in great faith. In order to find out more, Luang Phor Hin travelled to Wat Rakang, Bangkok where he met Luang Phor Nak (Phra Thepsitthinayok), the Phra Rachamolli of Wat Rakang, serving as abbot then. They became good friends through profound discussions on scriptures. Everything went that Luang Phor Nak asked Luang Phor Hin to stay at Wat Rakhang and appointed him to oversee all the meditation classes of Wat Rakhang. Ever since then , Luang Phor Hin with great awe and faith in Somdej Toh started to collect all of Somdej Toh's amulets regardless of whether the condition was broken or damaged.

As years passed by , when there were enough collected during BE 2482 , Luang Phor Nak invited Luang Phor Hin to combine their collection. Together they would grind and pound them back into powder and mix in Somdej Pilan's powder (from pagodas south of Wat Sampluem prayer hall), adding Suriyat Powder and Trinisinghe powder, and starting consecrating amulets in BE 2482. All the amulets of Luang Phor Nak and Luang Phor Hin receive positive feedback from wearers. By BE 2494 , Wat Rakhang decided to renew its Tripitaka canon , and its old palm leaf tripitaka canon was burnt and made into Phong Bailan . Luang Phor Hin mixed some powder and consecrated Somdej amulet with Nur Phong Bailan Material.  

With Luang Phor Hin’s experience with construction, he was appointed to oversee the relocation of the monks quarters in BE 2495 and amazingly this was achieved with only the need of 5000 baht, done in 5 months. The quarters were made of wood. Other reconstructions were funded by the donation of amulets he managed to raise funds from devotees.

In BE 2512 , Luang Phor Hin removed the wooden pillar of Somdej Toh's old quarters and consecrated amulets out of the wood, the wood was very hard and very difficult to see.. sparks were often seen. Eventually the wood was cut into pieces and hot stamped with a Phra Somdej image with powder inserted into them through the bottom. These were the Somdej Sau Ekk amulets. And when the other quarters in Wat Rakhang needed severe repair, risking collapse. Luang Phor decided to take out all his amulets that he had collected  for the reconstruction.

The holy well of Somdej Toh was also restored and dredged deeper. During this dredging, a piece of plate with Yant on it was discovered, made of cement and clay, and this was believed to be Somdej Toh's Yant. After the restoration, the plate was returned into the well. To this day, people still collect holy water from the well.

Over the years, Luang Phor Hin also preached on gratitude, as a filial son, he set a good example by taking care of his mother till she passed away. Although he spent 11 years at Wat Thangluang, when the temple needed fundraising for restoration in  BE 2516. Luang Phor Hin allowed for his own image to be made into Rians with material such as gold, silver, metal mixtures, copper to raise funds for Wat Thangluang. There were also Phra Kring consecrated in that batch. 

Luang Phor Hin also preached a lot on how good karma can come to fruition quickly. Once he helped a woman with a herbal cure, and the woman actually saved him from being poisoned by villagers who had an interest in testing monks who came by. She warned him in time after he was done with his alms collecting, and instead, she made some food which was safe for consumption.

Luang Phor Hin was also humble, and that he preached about how humans are like bells, one should sound only when hit, but if one rings without being struck, it's a bad omen.

In BE 2520, the health of Luang Phor Hin started deteriorating yet he still received endless visitors who would come to pay homage to him despite his poor health. In early BE 2521, Luang Phor Hin moved over to Wat Kluay in Ayutthaya hoping that it was where he could recover but he never did. Eventually when Luang Phor Hin knew that it was about time for him to leave, he requested to return to Wat Rakhang, where he passed away 2 days after being back at Wat Rakhang. Luang Phor Hin was at Wat Rakhang for almost 43 pansas, 11 at Wat Thungluang and earlier phansas as a novice/travelling in Cambodia and Chiangmai.

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