Luang Phor Eaum

Luang Phor Eaum

by Jun Wei

Luang Phor Eaum also known as Phor Than Eaum was born in a poor family. Before he was ordained as a monk, he was actually a kalawat and farmer in the village. In fact, he was married and had a big and loving family. His father in law was Mor Kiew who happens to be one of the famous kalawat and disciples of Ajarn Tong Tao (The famous Geji Ajarn of Wat Khao Orr). 

Luang Phor Eaum even mentioned to his disciple how Ajarn Pan invited him to walk out with him. Then Ajarn Pan took hold of his hand and said that one day his road will be very clear and bright and that he should choose the road. However at that moment, Luang Phor Eaum was unsure and could not understand what Ajarn Pan was saying to him. It was after many years that Luang Phor Eaum made a sudden decision one day to his family member that he wanted to ordain together with his grandson for 7days. As it is a custom for children to ordain as a novice when they reach the age. So Luang Phor Eaum underwent the ordain ceremony together with his grandson. During the ordain period, he encounters endless dreams of monk robes, monk equipment every night. And he was confused until the 6th day whenby he had an answer toward this strange dream of his. Hence he decided to ordain as a monk till the day he passed on as he knew it was his calling. 

Luang Phor Eaum's Upacha is named Phra Kru Udom Panya Koon. Until 9 years ago, he left the temple and went Tudong at taling chan forest. Behind the samnak, is the famous Tudong area called Kumb Sabb. Where monks would undergo their Tudong. It was said, no monk is able to stand more than 7days because there the land has WinYan and Chao Tee Rang. Which is also known to us as spirits, land theva, dato kong. There are a total of 3 spirits who happen to be a family, they will always shoo away any monks who come to the forest.

One fine day while Luang Phor Eaum was cooking,3 spirits came to see Luang Phor Eaum and told him, if you want to stay here you must make a promise that all the old trees at taling chan are not to be chopped. Luang Phor Eaum agreed and promised. Hence Luang Phor Eaum stayed at taling chan. The people at Taling chan started to invite Luang Phor Eaum out to stay in a Kuti many years ago, when his disciple felt a deep respect for Luang Phor Eaum and they helped build the Kuti for him.

It was until BE 2556 that Luang Phor Eaum started to consecrate amulets.In a short period of time, Luang Phor Eaum became famous and was been invited to attend many mass chanting ceremony from Southern Pattalung, To Surat Thani and until Bangkok and Ayutthaya. Luang Phor Eaum was able to join mass chanting together with CK Surasak Wat Pradoo, Luang Phor Ruay Wat Tako, Luang Phor Weang Wat Pohpakkai , Luang Phor Chaleam Wat Kradongtak, Luang Long Dum Wat Sakae, Phor Than In Surat Thani, Luang Phor Chup Wat Wang Ka check, Kanchanburi and many more. As a matter of fact, CK Surasak Wat Pradoo has high respect to Luang Phor Eaum. 

Luang Phor Eaum 出生於清寒家庭. 在還沒剃度出家前, 他是一名農夫. 他娶了四個老婆和有一個非常美滿的家庭. 他的岳父是一位非常有名的Kalawat, 名叫Mor Kiew, 是Ajarn Tong Tao 的徒弟. Luang Phor Eaum 曾經告訴過他的徒弟 關於他和Ajarn Pan 的交流. Ajarn Pan 有約過Luang Phor Eaum 到外走走,並且告訴Luang Phor Euam : “ 有一天,你會有很光明的道路而你應該朝這個方向走去. ” 那時候Luang Phor Euam 還不知道 Ajarn Pan 到底要表達的東西是什麼. 過了很多年,Luang Phor  Eaum 自己 突然向家人宣布說他要和孫一起剃度和短期出家7天.(那個短期出家其實是給足歲的小孩參與的).在短期出家的那一段時間, Luang Phor Eaum 夢見很多奇怪的東西,例如:一些袈裟,和尚用具等等. 那時的他非常迷惑,直到第六天, Luang Phor Euam  決定把一生都投入在佛教這條道路,從此為僧.

Luang Phor Eaum 的法名是Prakru Udom Panya Koon, Wat KuanPanaTang, Talae Noi, Phattalung. 他住了十五年. 直到七年前,他離開寺廟,並且在Taling Chan 森林進行Tudong (苦行)。在Samnak 的旁邊,是一個非常出名讓僧侶修苦行的地方,名叫Kumb Sabb. 據說,沒有一個僧侶可以在那兒呆上七天,因為那裡有Win Yan 和Chao Tee Rang 駐守. 他們是一些天神,地神或聖靈. 如果有僧侶進入或侵犯,他們一律趕出外.

但是,有一天,正當Luang Phor Euam 在煮東西時,那些聖靈前來拜會Luang Phor Euam並說, 如果Luang Phor Euam 真的要修行的話,必須確保不可砍伐任何一棵在Taling Chan 森林的老樹. Luang Phor Eaum 答應,並且在Taling Chan 森林住了七年. 到三年前,Taling Chan 的村民開始邀請Luang Phor Eaum 出關,並住在Kuti 裡. 而欣慰的是,這個Kuti 是村民們徒手建成的. Luang Phor Eaum 在Phattalung 並不是很出名,直到佛年 BE 2556 Luang Phor Eaum 答應推出頭幫自身牌,一瞬間,外省的善信們開始拜訪和入廟參拜.

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