Kruba Kampeng

Kruba Kampeng

by Jun Wei

Kruba Kampeng is born on BE 2484. Kruba Kampeng ordained in BE 2533 at Wat Khao Sukrim, Chathaburi Province. Kruba Kampeng is known to be a expert in mediation. His amulets are also well-known in charm, boost of luck and improve one's wealth as there are many experiences been shared by devotees. 

Kruba Kampeng is also a monk who succeeded in many fields of meditation practice. As he follows the path of Bodhisattva (Buddha). Kruba Kampeng mediation practice is considered unique. 

He specialises in Borikam Phawana which is a kind of meditation that requires chanting along in mind. Back in the days, Kruba Kampeng would do Borikam Phawana 18 hours a day continuously for many years. As age catching up, Kruba Kampeng would now only do Borikam Phawana only 8 hours a day. 

Not only Borikam Phawana, Kruba Kampeng is also good at Kasina. Kasina is visual meditation by looking at and focusing mind on an object. 

Having been practicing several kinds of meditation for a long time, Kruba Kampeng discovered wonderful sacred knowledge such as Maha Aoot Kong Kaphan (invulnerability), Metta (loving-kindness), etc. and above all he knows "Knowledge of Transferring Universal Energy". 

Knowledge of Transferring Energy is not new. Every guru monk in the past knew it but right now only a few monks would know this knowledge.

In fact, energy settles in every object such as human and animal. Meanwhile it can impel and attract including dissolving itself. Compared to water that can move from one place to another place and evaporates into clouds. And when having too much humidity, the clouds can become the rain, like what it originally comes from. 

Energy never dies. It can cycle again and again in the universe. Normally people that obtain the best meditation practice can apply this form of energy to their purposes. Although that sounds mysterious and difficult, Kruba Kampeng has discovered it. 

He has succeeded in transferring universal energy to his body and any object. This energy which Kruba Kampeng refers to as the sun and moon because everything in the world even tiny grass receives energy from them both. 

Kruba Kampeng mentioned that in our world there is also much energy from hermits and monks who achieved the highest level of meditation. It will be very useful if we can use that energy. 

Every time Kruba Kampeng blesses amulets, he always transfers this energy that includes energy of those hermits and monks. So every amulet by Kruba Kampeng has real power. 

Some devotees can feel the power of his amulets by touching it. They said when touching the amulet they had the feel of softly flowing electrical stream from the amulet.

Kruba Kampeng 是位于泰北康平沛府的一位高僧. Kruba Kampeng 是在瓦宋古佛寺,巴金普里府剃度出家的. 拜师在瓦绍述艮佛寺隆普宋财的派系门下. 师傅在还没有剃度前就已经学会了打坐入定的方法. 出家后,师傅的入定打坐的境界立即提升很多倍. 师傅打坐入定已经到达可以灵魂出窍的境界. 师傅所修行的法门千变万化. 师傅的法术在泰国属于比较特别的法门. 师傅擅长于吸收和转移能量. 师傅是以一位修观音法门的师傅,在泰国比较少见. 师傅也是唯一在泰国有督造西方三圣佛牌的高僧,在泰国属于比较稀有的. 师傅早已都是以修刀枪不入为主,后期转为人缘和招财法门. 师傅对制作佛牌非常地讲究,师傅要确保每一尊佛牌的灵力和能量到达最高点后才让善信恭请. 师傅在泰国还专门帮信徒测试佛牌能量指数,在泰国无人不知. 很多善信都会拿不同的佛牌让师傅测试能量. 在泰国非常多鲁士派的鲁士修行者都纷纷前往拜见Kruba Kampeng. 想和师父拜师学法. Kruba Kampeng 都是以 Phra Somkor, Guan Yin 等牌为主.  Kruba Kampeng 也是全泰国的唯一能够完全吸取身边的一切能量,磁场与法力的高僧. 泰国多位师傅高僧也对师父的这法术赞叹不已.


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