Luang Phor Dum

Luang Phor Dum

by Jun Wei

In the southern region of Thailand, Luang Phor Dum known as Phra Rutti Rangsee is a monk who is strict in the discipline of monkhood and is known to have a high level of Samadhi and Visha.

Luang Phor Dum formerly known as Jantarak was born on 6th February BE 2436 at Na Thap Subdistrict, Chana District, Songkhla Province. Back when he was still a novice, he could not be ordained as a monk as he was required to take medicine which included some mixture of alcoholic medication. 

Therefore, Luang Phor Dum was not allowed to be ordained as a monk. But later on, when he reached the age of 22 he was ordained as a monk and was named "Noom Tiamano". Later he traveled to Bangkok. Where he went to Wat Bowon Niwet under Patriarch Krom Luang Chinworasiriwat (Prince Puchong) Wat Rajabophit. However, he had to change his name to “Noo Thiyo” which has a meaning of "who is the place of enjoyment".

Then, Luang Phor Dum studied the Buddhist scriptures in Pali Language at Wat Mahathat, Yuwarat Rangsarit. Afterwards, he returned to Pattani Province to stay at Wat Mujalin Wapi.

At that point of time, Luang Phor Dum was tasked to raise funds and be involved with the construction of Wat Chang Hai. He did manage to complete the temple including the bot within his lifetime which is considered a great accomplishment.

His works were all related to Wat Chang Hai. Luang Phor Dum also blessed a batch of Luang Phor Tuad amulets with the material of Nur Phong in BE 2505.  Due to his high level of spiritual practice, and his discipline, he won the respect of many and became the teacher of King Rama 9. 

After Luang Phor Dum passed on, Wat Tuyong which is the temple of Luang Phor Dum built a pavilion enshiring the statue of Luang Phor Dum for his devotees.









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