Kruba Krissana

Kruba Krissana

by Jun Wei

Kruba Krissana Intowanno is one of the well-known monks that resided in Northern Thailand. He was born on 1st August BE 2497. In fact, Kruba Krissana inherits his family skills in healing at a young age as his family is known to provide free medical treatment to people that are in need and hence had earned respect by many.

Kruba Krissana spent 10 years studying holy texts, Wicha Boran and practiced meditation in the forests that are located in the northern region of Thailand. Kruba Krissana ordained as a monk at the age of 25 on 27th October BE 2522.  

I believed everyone knew about Kruba Krissana’s butterfly amulets but there is a story behind it. It was said that one day a butterfly flew past while Kruba Krissana was meditating, and he got his inspiration from there on for his butterfly amulets. Many held the belief from the source that Thep Jam Leng or Butterfly amulets are actually devas that communicated Wicha to Kruba Krissana during meditation from the Hindu Trinity – Lord Shiva (The Divine Destroyer). In the beginning, butterfly amulets were not easily accepted by the masses as this was a new image amongst Thai’s amulets. However after some time, many devotees gave positive feedback. It is a common practice for Kruba Krissana to use not only the holy soil from the temple, but also 108 sacred herbs and donated gemstones in the consecration of his amulets. This is said to increase metta, enabling one to have better human relationships, widening network circles, business opportunities, and wealth.

The legend of The Butterfly Deva, or better known as Thep Jam Leng, was said to originate six hundred years ago in the spiritual realms of Cambodia. It was brought forth by white robed spiritual masters meditating in the forest. On the contrary to the new image, experts said that butterfly styled image amulets did once appear back in BE 2482 and hence disappeared until recent years. This is because the Wicha to invite Thep Jam Lang was kept and known only by several monks.
Most of Kruba Krissana’s

amulets are either based on Thep Jam Leng or Salika.  

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