Luang Phor Charn Wat Bang Bor

Luang Phor Charn Wat Bang Bor

by Jun Wei

Luang Phor Charn Wat Bang Bor is a well-known guru monk in Samut Prakan Province. He was born on 3rd April BE 2457. Having spent many years in monkhood, Luang Phor Charn also ordained more than 5,000 Buddhist monks. Not only that, Luang Phor Charn is also well-known for his amulets and mantra. On top of that, he is also a guru monk who many people highly respect.  

On top of that, Luang Phor Charn also keeps the magic of Luang Phor Parn Wat Bang Hia. As the tiger amulets consecrated by Luang Phor Parn is known as protection against danger. It is known that Luang Phor Charn also has learned the magic of Luang Phor Parn so it can be mentioned that Luang Phor Charn is also one of the guru monks that specialize the magic of tiger like Luang Phor Parn Wat Bang Hia and Luang Phor Pern Wat Bang Phra. 

However, Luang Phor Charn passed away on 10th July BE 2561 at the age of 104. 

Below would be some real-life experience shared out by devotees of Luang Phor Charn: 

  1. Point-blank shot but unharmed

On 30th January BE 2552, a correspondent was informed that a man was shot, but  was completely unharmed. The man was known as "Mr. Weera". He reported to a police officer that someone tried to kill him by riding a motorbike and had shot him many times. He said that after coming back from work he had a quarrel with a group of teenagers at the petrol station. 4 teens with 2 motorbikes followed him closely and one of four shot him 3 times but the bullet that was shot at him was missed. However that teen rode closer and shot him one more time and then escaped. The bullet hit his back, but just left a small burn on his skin. The police curiously asked Mr. Weera if he wore any amulet on that day. He mentioned that he only wore Luang Phor Charn Rian that he got from Luang Phor Charn one day before this happened. The front of Rian has Luang Phor Charn sitting with a small tiger beneath. 

  1. Skin resistant to edge of knife

Mr. Thanakit is another devotee that has faith in Luang Phor Charn. He wore Luang Phor Charn Rian batch "Phayak Siam" BE 2556 which has a tiger face on the back of the Rian. He said that this batch of Rian has save his nephew from a knife attack. He said that one day while his nephew was driving, another car moved fast and tried to be in front of his nephew's car all the time. Then they got off and fought each other. That man picked up the knife and stabbed his nephew, but the knife did not cut his nephew because he was wearing Luang Phor Charn’s Rian on his neck.

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