Kruba Sri

Kruba Sri

by Jun Wei

Kruba Sri Wat Ban Sob Gong was born in BE 2472. He is also a direct disciple of Kruba Nanta Wat Thung Man Tai whom the locals in Lampang Province highly respect. Kruba Sri is also well-respected by monks in Chiang Mai and Lampang Province. As there was once Kruba In Wat Fah Lang recommended his disciple who has a serious illness to go and get holy water from Kruba Sri. On top of that, Kruba Khaai Wat Moo Perng even praised Kruba Sri " a monk whom ghosts fear".                                      

In fact, Kruba Sri is a simple and solitary monk. Although he is getting older each year, his mind power does not decrease as he would always meditate and has reached "Nirot Samabat" whereby it is a state of mind that is free from perceptions and emotions. It is believed that this kind of meditation is an advanced-level type of meditation. It has also been reported that amulets that are blessed by Kruba Sri are different as people who touch it would feel something. Even Kruba Chum who was a senior monk in Lampang Province mentioned that Kruba Sri is a good monk and that the angels will join Kruba Sri as he is doing his blessing.                 

On top of that, there are also stories regarding a man visiting Kruba Sri as Kruba Sri was leaving to see Kruba Korng in another temple. Kruba Sri told the man his friend (Kruba Korng) did not reach the temple yet and suggested the man to wait another 15 minutes before leaving. 15 minutes later, that man was gone and when he got to the temple, Kruba Korng all together reached. The man was so amazed.

In BE 2554, Kruba Sri released a batch of  Phra Pidta consecrated of herbs materials that he has intensively blessed for a year. It is reported that whoever touched the Phra Pidta amulet would experience their hands trembling; it is given to them from Kruba Sri. 



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