Luang Phor Bloy

Luang Phor Bloy

by Jun Wei

Luang Phor Bloy was born in Tubtilek sub-district, Bangplama, Suphanburi Province.

When he reached the age of 21, he was ordained as a monk at Wat Manao.  After staying at Wat Manao for 3 years, he decided to move on to Wat Chipakhao (Wat Srisudaram) to learn more on ancient Khmer and Dharma. Afterward, He spent a total of 9 years studying higher levels of mediation and magic at Wat Amrinkositarm after returning back to Wat Manao in BE 2467. During the years that he was not in Wat Manao, he actually went to visit both Luang Phor Niam Wat Noi and Luang Phor Parn Wat Bang Nom Kor to learn from them.  

Despite the fact that Luang Phor Bloy learned many magic, he still resisted to consecrate any amulets as he believed that in doing so would obstruct his path to enlightenment.  

It was until the year BE 2473 that one such occasion changed his mind about consecrated amulets. As the number of gangsters in the province increased with the threat of violence and danger towards the average person he realized that there is a need for some form of protection. By then Luang Phor Bloy decided to consecrate his first batch of amulets. 

Luang Phor Bloy never consecrated any amulet with the intent of getting any money. Instead what he did was to give to those villagers that are really in need. The material of his amulet is normally clay. He would also never plan in advance to consecrate amulets, he would simply consecrate amulets whenever he found that people were in need of them. 

He continued to consecrate amulets until he passed away on January 18, BE 2508 at the age of 73.

Due to his popularity and sacred power, many villagers respected him. In fact, Luang Phor Bloy was offered to be the abbot at many temples but he always refused as he truly preferred to live the life of a humble monk at Wat Manao. He was never interested in luxury and would always give any donations to others and even the food he was given was often donated to the poor.

Throughout his entire monkhood, he gave his amulets to those that are really in need of it. 

Story about devotees wearing Luang Phor Bloy amulet                    

Several years ago, there was a man that lived in Samchuk District Suphanburi province that was attacked and shot dead.  This incident instantly became a major news on the news channel.         

The shooting attracted the attention of the media as the police reported that although the guy had been shot multiple times. THe bullets did not penetrate the skin of his. In fact, he had died due to a bullet fire at the hard or more specifically through his eyes.       

Samchuk District was a place well-known for gangland killings, mafia and drugs. And more over shooting incidents in Samchuk District seems to be a common thing.             

What made this incident so newsworthy was that the victim wore an amulet that was from Luang Phor Bloy Wat Manao.            

Previously there had been other devotees that have been reported that had been shot as well but not badly injured although none of the news had been officially reported. What is known however is that bullets had not penetrated the skin. It only caused severe bruising.           

It was this story that Luang Phor Bloy’s amulets gained popularity. In fact even today his amulets are highly sought after even though he passed on.

Luang Phor Bloy’s sacred items are not only respected for its “power” to stop bullets but also to protect against many other forms of danger such as accidents and evil spirits.

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