Luang Phor Ann

Luang Phor Ann

by Jun Wei

Luang Phor Ann is a guru monk of Wat Thammakosok(Rongko), Uthaithani Province. In Uthaithani Province, Luang Phor Ann is considered one of the guru monks. Some would call him “Luang Phor Ann Taywada”. On top of that, Luang Phor Ann is known for his second eye from the God of Sagaegrung River Basin(which foresees a lot of things).

When Luang Phor Ann was a layman, he was a close disciple of Kruba Srivichai. For those that do not know who is Kruba Srivichai, Kruba Srivichai is regarded as one of the top guru monks in Thailand as he had done alot for the people and he known to be a guru monk in Chiang Mai Province who has plenty of knowledge in Dharma and Sammadhti. Luang Phor Ann would also follow Kruba Srivichai to Tudong until he became a police officer serving the nation. While being a police officer, Luang Phor Ann was also a confidant subordinate of Ajarn Khun Pan. In BE 2498, Luang Phor Ann was ordained as a monk.

In fact, Luang Phor Ann has learned Wicha from many guru monks such as Luang Phor Suk Wat Pla Kong Makamtao, Luang Phor Derm Wat Nong Pho, Luang Phor JungTaRa Chainat, Luang Phor Ploy Wat Huay Kah Naang (As Luang Phor Ploy has the knowledge of Visha Takrut Tone), Luang Phor Ken Wat DongSetTee, Luang Phor Kleub Wat NgaungKaDee, Luang Phor Poon Wat NgaungTaNgoo ( As Luang Phor Poon is famous for using mental power cooperates with herbs) and Luang Phor Tee Wat Luang. In addition, Luang Phor Ann has the knowledge of Visha “Pirungambang” and “Theprunjuan”. In fact, Luang Phor Ann is known to be an expert of concentration of mindfulness in the Buddhism way and his ability in telepathy.

On top of that, Luang Phor Ann was also a good friend of Luang Phor Kalong. As some of the amulet blessing ceremonies held will invite the both of them.





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