Ajarn Puvon

Ajarn Puvon

by Jun Wei

Ajarn Puvon is a native of Myanmar. He is also the teacher of Ajarn Prakong. The characteristics of Ajarn Puvon is that he wore a piece of loincloth resting upon his shoulder. He is fond of smoking tobacco from a banana leaf wrapper but he doesn't drink. Some of the other disciples of Ajarn Puvon also Luang Phor Chong Wat Natangnok, Luang Phor Parn Wat Bang Nom Kho and many other guru monks.

Ajarn Prakong once mentioned that when he went to look for Ajarn Puvon for his guidance, Ajarn Puvon was in fact about 100 years and was blind due to aging.

It is strongly believed that Ajarn Puvon was a layman that is very knowledgeable about Wicha. When Ajarn Prakong went to learn Wicha from Ajarn Puvon, he would usually buy for Ajarn Puvon big size Kanom Bpia or biscuits. In fact, Ajarn Puvon taught Ajarn Prakong many Wicha and he used it to make Takrut Morn for his disciples but his disciples are fond of calling it Takrut Saneh Morn.He also make 3 colours lip wax,"See Pheung Sarm See." Due to the fact that Ajarn Puvon Due loved eating biscuit so when there is Wai Kru or when his disciples want to request something from him they will offer him "Kanom Bpia".

Ajarn Prakong gained many knowledge but Ajarn Puvon would always mention to him that,"Everything succeeds through the mind" and "Those who are really expert,being skillful in one type is enough,no need to be an expert in every field."

The life of Ajarn Puvon became rather lacking and difficult. As he would stay at a rented house,he must depend on his granddaughter to help to take care of him and great grandson to ride a tricycle to feed the family but Ajarn Puvon would help his family with his Wicha knowledge.

Ajarn Puvon would regularly withdraw black magic and erect shrine.It was widely spoken that,"If any house got Ajarn Puvon to perform a ceremony even just once it would bring peace and contentment."

In requesting to learn Wicha from Ajarn Puvon, Ajarn Prakong had to travel back and forth for almost 3 years until Ajarn Puvon passed away. Ajarn Prakong was the one who ran errands until everything was completed at Wat Nai Sorng Wiharn,Samut Prakan Province.

After Ajarn Puvon  passed away,his occult books and amulets were stolen and nobody knows who stole it. And his grandson also shifted to stay elsewhere too. And one thing is that other than Ajarn Prakong there are no other heirs of Ajarn Puvon.






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