Kruba Wong

Kruba Wong

by Jun Wei

Kruba Wong is well-known for his Maha Seneh magic and is one of the most famous Northern Lana guru monks of the olden days.

Highly preferred for his Takrut Sangwan and Yant Hneeb, Phra Rahu amulets, and PhaYant. Kruba Wong was especially renowned for his PhaYant Ma Saep Nang.

Kruba Wong was born in BE 2434. His family members were farmers. Back in those days, the only way to go to school to get some education was to stay in a temple and learn from the monks in the temple. So when Kruba Wong was around the age of 9, his father took him to live at a nearby temple, to learn to read and write. After about 3 years. Kruba Wong could read and write fluently enough. By BE 2445, Kruba Wong was ordained as a novice. 

Once Kruba Wong reached the age to be ordained as a fully fledged monk in BE 2455, he was ordained as a monk at 5th May BE 2455 at Wat Ban Baen. Kruba Wong then began to practice Khom Sanskrit Agkhara and Wicha, and within a very short period of time became so adept that he could chant every single line of Agkhara from memory with great aptitude.

Phra Kru Gantiya was his upachaya ordaining officer, and Phra Ajarn Bpan was his Phra Gammawājājarn (Prompter). Phra Ajarn Bpum was his Phra Anusawanājarn (Witness). Kruba Wong was given the Chāyā (official monk name) of Prohma Sēno. Kruba Wong stayed at Wat Ban Baen for a period of more than 2 years. Afterward, Kruba Wong went to Wat Ban Hmueang Jee which was his hometown where he was born.  

Kruba Wong then continued to study and practice Wicha Akom and Khom Agkhara for three years, until he became inspired to take up the practice of Tudong (Solitary Forest wandering) and gain experience in Kammathana.

Kruba Wong then travelled through the thick forest area of Pha Teub, on his way towards Chiang Saen, and stopped in the forest to practice for 6 months. Once he reached Chiang Saen, he stayed around the area and practiced for some years, until he decided to travel towards Prae Province, where he finally arrived and stayed at Wat Den Chai.

He stayed at Wat Den Chai to master the various sorcert methods of the region, so that he would be able to perform incantations enabling him to cast spells and blessings to offer protection, happiness and prosperity to the fold, and to send metta and merits to the nature spirits of the NetherWorlds, with compassionate mercy magic.

Once he had mastered this Wicha, he then set forth once more, and practiced Tudong, until he came to rest at a very peaceful place in the forest called ‘Pha Den Gradtay’, which was very auspicious in energy. There was a small village nearby which was impoverished, and Kruba Wong  then decided to build a temple with the help of the locals. But Kruba Wong was first called back by locals at Wat Dton Tong, so he agreed and went back to assist them with their needs.

After one year helping them, he was able to return to Pha Den Gradtay, and built three Kuti Huts and invited some other monks to come and stay, and assist in developing the temple. In BE 2508, Kruba Wong  began to build the Uposadha Shrine Room and the locals of the surrounding areas began to hear of his merits, and flock to the temple to make donations and assist.

The Uposadha was then finished in BE 2510. Kruba Wong became famous for both his ability to restore Wat Ban Den in short timespan, and also for his many Wicha, including Horasart (Astrology), consecration of amulets , Maha Saneh and Metta Maha Niyom Maha Lap Magic, and his ability to use candle magic to eliminate bad karma.

In BE 2513 , time caught up with Kruba Wong and he soon became ill, and began to weaken with age, and became unable to travel, and stayed at Wat Ban Den until he passed away on BE 2516. 

Kruba Wong 出生於佛歷 BE 2456年4月22日,出生於泰北南奔府的里縣,是Sihuhata 名師 – Kruba Boonma , Kruba Boon Yang.  家里共有九位孩子,Kruba Wong 排行第三. Kruba Wong出生於一個非常貧困的家裡,大師的父母只有三四畝的田地和兩三頭牛,要養活一家十一口人. 大師的童年是非常艱苦的,不僅要幫助家裡種田放牛,還要照顧自己的弟弟妹妹. 從小就是一個喜歡專研事物並且喜歡拜佛的孩子,大師說:當他三歲的時候就喜歡用泥土建造房子,在四五歲的時候喜歡用泥土製作佛祖的法相了. 到了六歲的時候,就每天早起和父母一起去田地里幹活,一直到12歲的時候. Kruba Wong的父親遇到了一位僧人,那位僧人對他說:你兒子現在是剃度當沙彌的最佳時機. Kruba Wong的父親聽了後,很有興趣,並且讓Kruba Wong 出家當了沙彌. 在Kruba Wong剃度前其父親說:你去當了沙彌後,我在世的時日不多了,你一定要好好學習佛法. 當Kruba Wong剃度了一個月之後,大師的父親就去世了. 

當Kruba Wong剃度8個月後,13歲(佛歷 BE 2468) 之時,大師成為了Kruba Chai Lam Ga的弟子 (Kruba Chai Lam Ga是泰北聖僧Kruba Srivichai 的師兄).

當Kruba Wong成為了Kruba Chai Lam Ga的弟子之後,Kruba Wong變得更加勤奮與尊重長輩了,Kruba Wong經常贏得大師們與老人們的讚賞. 大師成為Kruba Chai Lam Ga的弟子後非常的用心學習佛法,並且在巴利語以及蘭納語上都取得了重要的突破. Kruba Wong一直與Kruba Chai Lam Ga學習,直到有一天,Kruba Chai Lam Ga決定去泰北的清萊傳播佛學知識,並讓Kruba Wong留在寺廟裡照顧身邊的人,當Kruba Chai Lam Ga走了後,Kruba Wong就一直遵守大師的話語,一直照顧著寺廟的僧人們,在照顧寺廟的同時,也不斷的向別的大師修行佛法。直到有一天,Kruba Srivichai 來到了廟裡,而聖僧這次來的主要目的是為了幫助村民修建更多的寺廟. 於是Kruba Wong就與Kruba Srivichai一起幫助村民修建寺廟,並且Kruba Wong也成為了聖僧的弟子之一. 

直到Kruba Wong 20歲的時候,有資格成為一名正式的僧人,Kruba Wong正式成為僧人的時候,Kruba Pom Garp Gom收Kruba Wong為徒,並取名Chaiya Wongsa. 當Kruba Wong與Kruba Pom Garp Gom一起修行了3年後,Kruba Pom Garp Gom就對Kruba Wong說:我已經沒有什麼可以教你的了,你要去尋找更多的大師學習. 於是Kruba Wong就去與別的大師修行學習佛法.

自此之後,Kruba Wong一直虛心向Kruba KhaoBe、Kruba Chao SunWong 等眾多泰北高僧學習佛法與經文. 而Kruba Wong在與眾多名師學習的途中,也不斷的修行開光加持法門,並且製作親自開光加持了眾多聖物,例如:大家熟知的Sihuhata (Kruba Wong是 Sihuhata的創始人,也是Kruba Boon Yang和Kruba Boonma的師父),另外還有避險龜,佛珠,自身像等.大師在泰國北部非常出名,並且大師所督造加持的佛牌也是人人誇讚的好聖物. 可惜Kruba Wong圓寂於佛歷 BE 2543年5月17日.

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