CK Udom

CK Udom

by Jun Wei

CK Udom was born on 1st September BE 2497. By the year BE 2510, at the age of 10 he was ordained as a novice. In fact, he had sought knowledge from several guru monks such as CK Sanguan Wat Arwut, CK Won Wat Tham Apar Dum Rong Tham and others. Yet one of the most recognized teachers of CK Udom would have to be Mae Shee Buem Luem. This is due to CK Udom learning Dharma from Mae Shee Buem Luem at a young age before he was ordained as a monk. Hence Mae Shee Buem Luem has been CK Udom closet teacher other than Luang Phor Sam Wan who happens to be her disciple as well.  Mae Shee Buem Luem actually taught CK Udom the Wicha of Putoh Noi. Being a close disciple of Mae Shee Buem Luem, CK Udom not only learned the Wicha from her but also has collected the amulet powder of Mae Shee Buem Luem. This also makes CK Udom to teach Dharma and mediation to his own disciples and the using of old powder from Mae Shee Buem Luem and other guru monks to consecrate amulet for devotees.

After Mae Shee Buem Luem passed on, CK Udom continued his learning under Luang Pu Yai Wat Arwut which happens to be one of Mae Shee Buem Luem’s close friends. 10 years later, Luang Pu Yai also passed on. Then CK Udom decided to go to Tudong at the northwest part of Thailand to further his learning about Buddhism and meditation. On BE 2535, CK Udom achieved the ranking of Phra Kru Pala given by King Rama 9 and then he decided to build his own temple. 

On  BE 2536 one of his disciples donated a 500 hectare land in the Rayong mountain to CK Udom. CK Udom then moved to Rayong with a few other monks. At that time that land was totally isolated. There is no electricity, clean water or any structure, CK Udom then stays in the cave with the few monks. When night time arrived, it was too dark as there was no light around and wild animals roaming around that area. Dangerous animals such as tigers, bears and poisonous snakes. There is no clean water so they have to bathe in the stream and alway get stuck by leeches that suck blood. After a while, all the other monks could not endure and leave. CK Udom was left alone and continued to stay in the cave. After several years, people started to notice him and was surprised that he could survive in the wild for such a long time. Some villagers even saw him talking to the elephant and commanding them to come and go. Afterward, the villagers started to approach CK Udom and seek advice from him. CK Udom was able to read through people's minds and have helped a lot of people solve their problem. As time passes on,  more and more people come to visit CK Udom and have become CK Udom disciples, with more disciple funds raised to build the road and structure, electricity are linked and pagoda are built. Villagers in the nearby village respected CK Udom ,as they know that he is a guru monk and lots of stories have been told about him. He was able to predict the weather and could stop the storm as many witness it. He actually also has been developing the land to build roads and way for the people. Hence he is called the monk in the mountain and away from the city. 

It is until now that people start to know more about CK Udom.

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