Ajarn Loy

Ajarn Loy

by Jun Wei

Ajarn Loy was born in BE 2545 at Ayutthaya. By the time he was the age of 20, he was ordained as a monk. His preceptor was Luang Phor Phan Wat Saotong. After his ordination, he started learning from Luang Phor Phan and later on continued his study with various teachers to learn various forms of Wicha. One of his teachers was Luang Phor Bien Wat Pongmi. Luang Phor Bien taught Ajarn Loy the traditional method of consecrating HPY. By BE 2495, Ajarn Loy disrobed and became an Ajarn. He would then return back to his hometown and help the villagers towards issues such as black magic and others. As such, many devotees started to come and see him. He would then become well-known.

Among all the amulets that Ajarn Loy consecrated, he is best well-known for his Hun Payong. As he would use a special type of straw to make it into a human shape, mix with special formulated powder, pollen and under unique weather conditions etc before tying it and chant. The Hun Payong that Ajarn Loy consecrated is known to be the top Hun Payong in Thailand and has been recorded in amulet books. All the Hun Payong that was consecrated by him is believed to have an individual spirit (not spirit from human that passed on, but spirit formed by nature, wind, earth,water, fire. This is why Hun Payong is so special.

The purpose of Hun Payong is to act as a replacement. Helping the wearer to block away danger, evil spirit, accident and black magic. And if you put it at home and pray, it helps you to look after your house, children. It can also help to grow your business too. 

There is an incident that involved a goldsmith. This goldsmith happened to own a piece of Hun Payong that was consecrated by Ajarn Loy himself. The strange thing is that whenever he goes his meal alone, the waiter would always bring him two sets of meals. And it was reported that when he was overseas, his neighbor mentioned that it seems like there was always someone at his house. Even though the neighbour did not know the fact that he was overseas. This is just one of many incidents that has been recorded. 

In fact, Ajarn Loy only consecrated 4 different size of Hun Payong :

  1. Pim lek: 1.5-2cm. Round head or semi-round
  2. Pim Klang: 2-2.5cm. Semi round head shape
  3. Pim Yai: 2.5-4cm. Flat head
  4. Big HPY for altar: 10-20 cm. Round head

Ajarn Loy only consecrated 300 pieces of Hun Payong from BE 2500- 2528. All of which was hand made by him. In fact, Ajarn Loy passed away in BE 2528 at the age of 74. And those Hun Payong was distributed to his disciples and relatives. Not for the public. It is believed that maybe 100 or lesser pieces are left up to the modern day.

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