CK Thongchai

CK Thongchai

by Jun Wei

Before we start to know about CK Thongchai. Let’s understand and know some information about the temple he resided at. He resided at Wat Traimit. Wat Traimit used to be an insignificant temple which probably every tourist and pedestrian would pass by the temple.

But inside of Wat Traimit there is the 3.5 metre-high and approximately 700 years old Golden Sukhothai Buddha, a Buddha statue which exists of 5.5 tonnes of pure gold. The discovery of this statue is by chance and happened to be founded in the year 1956. Upon its discovery, it was moved due to the construction work on the weight-bearing elements of Wat Traimit, thereby, a rope of the crane ripped and it crashed on the ground. Which resulted in the external cover, which existed of tone broke and revealed the famous “Golden Buddha”. Up till then, nobody knew what an unbelievable legacy and property was standing in Wat Traimit. Till this day the origin of the statue is uncleared.

The statue shows Phra Sivali on a throne armchair seated with the alms bowl in his hands. The Phra Sivali was gilded with gold foils. The back shows the Yant in Pali Language that represents health, luck, prosperity and protection against misfortune.

Now let’s know some basic information about CK Thongchai. CK Thongchai was born on 21th February BE 2496 at Chonburi Province. At the age of 21, CK Thongchai was ordained as a monk at Wat Trimit Witthayaram, Bangkok on 19th April BE 2517. After his ordination, CK Thongchai went to study with various guru monks in Thailand such as Luang Phor Kasem Wat SusanTrairak, Luang Phor Buddha Wat Klangchusri, Luang Phor Pae Wat Pikunthong and many others. Nowadays, CK Thongchai is known to be the vice abbot of Wat Trimit or he can be known as the monk that blessed the English Premier League team Leicester City that won the EPL shockingly in the 2015-2016 season.

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