Ajarn Kump

Ajarn Kump

by Jun Wei

Phra Kru Suwan Thammapirat also known as Phra Ajarn Kump is the current abbot of Wat Chai Pheri, Uthong District, Suphanburi Province. Ajarn Kump was born in BE 2511. By the time, Ajarn Kump reached the age of 11, he was ordained as a novice. Ajarn Kump learned Dharma and Wicha from Luang Phor Pimpah Wat Nong Tah Ngo. Luang Phor Pimpah happens to be the disciple of Luang Phor Derm Wat Nong Pho and Luang Phor Heng Wat Khao Din. Ajarn Kump also learned Wicha and Dharma from Phor Than Chum, Phor Than Singh, Phor Than Kit Amarathamo and many other guru monks.

By the time, Ajarn Kump was 14 years old he would go Tudong in deep forest for many years before ordaining as a monk at the age of 20 in BE 2531. His preceptors were CK Phra Thep Sophon Wat Phra Chetuphon (Wat Poh). CK Phra Thep Sophon was also one of the teachers Ajarn Kump respected most. CK Phra Thep Sophon is also the teacher of Luang Phor Wara  Wat Poh Thong. Ajarn Kump and Luang Phor Wara are close-friend as they would often practise and bless amulets together.

Ajarn Kump is known for consecrating amulets as he was taught by many of his teachers ever since he was a novice. But Ajarn Kump is one of the more well-known monks that consecrated Payawano (wealth monkey) which is deemed as bringing luck and prosperity for wearers. "灵猴" “ Monkey " in thai language is known as Ling. Ajarn Kump is also one of the monks that was invited by the president of Cambodia to conduct blessings for his family . As Ajarn Kump is well known for his strong "metta blessing" Metta Maha Niyom.

In BE 2562, Ajarn Kump also consecrated a batch of Phra Rahu amulet. Ajarn Kump would use the traditional method of pouring mould to consecrate this batch of Phra Rahu amulet. The shape of the Phra Rahu amulet was unique as it was specially design in a 八卦 shape to increase the effect of Rahu to ward off evil forces and to eat away 小人. The specially designed shape also represents good Feng Shui for the wearer. People who 冲太岁 can also wear this amulet for well being. Hence, this batch of amulet was known as Phra Rahu 8 Tid (八卦 Rahu) or Jumping Phra Rahu. As there was a video recorded down on Facebook to document the whole process of Ajarn Kump blessing the amulet and the amulet started jumping.






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