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    BE 2512 






    LP Pae was born in BE 2448, Singburi Province, Thailand and started learning Pali at the tender age of 11 under the tutelage of Arjan Pan and Arjan Pom in Wat Phikulthong after 2 years he moved to Bangkok to further his studies under Prah Arjan Som before returning to Wat Phikulthong at 16 to be ordained as a Novice.

    After passing all the relevant exams and serving diligently at the temple he was finally made Abbot at the very young age of 26 in BE2474 six years later with the help of Luang Phor See of Wat Praphrand, he chanted his first batch of amulets to help finance re-construction of the temple.

    From that date onwards LP Pae became well known as a monk who created good amulets after Jackie chan fall of the very high level clock tower with external scratches while wearing LP Pae Phra Somdej Than Saem 2517 Rainbow, Jackie

    During the past, there are many young children that parents cannot afford to raise them or send them to schools, Luang Phor as an abbot of Pikulthong took in all children that needed help. He raise them up and provided education for them, they become like temple's children. Luang Phor also went to teach young children in schools when he was staying in Wat Rakang temple in his younger days.

    Luang Phor Pae's amulets are kept by many Thais especially Singburi and Bangkok areas because they respect him alot for the things that he have done for them. Especially the young children that grew up to adults, they also kept many of his amulets for respect to their teacher who cared for them since young. Luang Phor also created many Somdej and many other holy amulets for the raising of funds for hospitals, charitable causes like building roads, building schools and to help the needy.

    For LP Pae Somdej amulets, he has succeed in using Chinnabarnchorn to bless them. Why we say he succeed, the meaning is that all his Somdej amulets which he blessed with Chinnabarnchorn, followers can feel the effects of Metta Maha Niyom when they wear it. There are many successful people and businessman wears his Pae Sorng Pan or Pae Sam Pan felt the effect too.

    when Luang Phor Pae starts to prepare for the consecration of his amulets, Luang Phor will always go to Wat Mai alone (a temple near to Wat Rakang) for paying respect and connect spiritually with Somdej Toh and he will meditate there for many days without food and water before going back to start his consecretion ceremony at Wat Pikulthong.

    LP Pae passed on at the age of 94 in BE 2542 and spent more than 70 years in monk hood. A commemorative funeral service was held at Wat Pikulthong under the patronage of the Thai Royal Family amongst several other dignitaries.

    With great merits, Luang Phor's fame continued to spread to all parts of the world even after he monarat for more than 10 years. Good Cause (Amulets are created to help people in need), Good Blessings (Chinnabunchorn Blessings) & A Good Teacher (Luang Phor Pae), I think the above are some of the reasons why we treasure Luang Phor's amulets so much.

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