• “Backstabber “ AWAY ~ Special Phra Rahu Lp Kai Wat Tong Faek
  • “Backstabber “ AWAY ~ Special Phra Rahu Lp Kai Wat Tong Faek
  • “Backstabber “ AWAY ~ Special Phra Rahu Lp Kai Wat Tong Faek

    “Backstabber “ AWAY ~ Special Phra Rahu Lp Kai Wat Tong Faek

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    Wow!!! Don’t miss !!! Lp Gai hand pump one by one 🌝🌕🌖🌗🌔🌓🌒🌑🌚
    Expertly crafted, this 3.3 cm hand pump features a hand-written yant Phra Rahu by Lp Gai Wat Toongfaek. Made with a unique blend of Haoliao and traditional black holy herbs, it has been blessed and chanted in five solemn ceremonies, ensuring its efficacy.

    Phra Rahu is said to clear backstabbers and villains and if in need of his help believers ask him to eliminate enemies who receive karma adequate to their actions. By visiting a temple to pay homage to his shrine or by wearing an amulet with his image it is believed that Rahu will offer protection throughout.

    Phra Rahu Transition refers to the movement or passage of the shadow planet Rahu through different zodiac signs and houses in a person's birth chart. This event occurs approximately every 18 months, which may also directly affect each horoscopes's luck, wealth, career and love life.

    Phra Rahu is the Deity of Fate and Fortune, and the Astrological Ruler of the Dark Phases of the Zodiac. He is an Asura type Deva of the heavenly Realms, and is the God of Eclipses, he is seen to have strong influence on Horoscopes, much like the planet Saturn does in western Astrology. Pra Rahu is a Personification of Higher Powers in force, and is seen as a Deity by Thai Buddhist People, to worship in order to turn the line of fate and improve karma, appease angry gods, and to remove obstacles. If you feel that your Fate and Horoscope is not Auspicious, then it could be that Pra Rahu is interfering. You can solve this problem by making Bucha offerings to Pra Rahu every Wednesday.

    Thai beliefs the effect of Phra Rahu :
    Avoid from danger, Change Bad Luck to Good Luck. Bring Prosper to Business, Bring Lucky and Happiness, Wishes be Fulfilled. Moreover, it will bring Prosper to Business, Invulnerable, Successful, Good Trade, Good for achieving Success & Victory, Increase luck tremendously, Wealth fetching, Good in business, good in protection from harm and danger, Good opportunity and successful in everything that you do. bring you Luck, Good things will unexpectedly happen to you.

    But after all you still have to do good and think good do more good merits na ka. because it’s also depends on your karma.

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