Luang Phor Sudh , Wat Paknam

One of the top 10 greatest guru monks of Thailand is Ven. Luang Phor Sodh, Wat PakNam, Phasi Charoen. His name is popularly called Ven. LP Wat Pak Nam. He retrieved the extinct Vicha Dhammagaya and refreshed it to become widely known in Thailand and abroad. Ven. was a disciple of Luang Phor Niam, Wat Noi and Luang Phor Nong, Wat Ba Dat.

Ven. LP Sodh was born on a Friday in the year 2427. Being the eldest son with 5 siblings, he was a very hardworking and filial son whom took care of his mother for 19 years. When he was still a young man, he make his living by selling rice. Travelling frequently from Supanburi to Bangkok. It was tough life then and many a times being robbed.

Ven. enters monkhood after the age of 20. Ven. make an absolute resolution that he will practise and passsed away as a practising monk. Prior to being the Abbot of Wat PakNam, Ven. was from Wat Mahathat of Supanburi. Even then, Ven. was a very sincere benefactor whom supports Dhamma and Sanghas in every possible way. When Ven. was meditating in Wat Mahathat, he make a firm affirmation that he will attain The Way and if not he will never arose from his seat.

Ven. then attained Vicha Dhammagaya in 2459, and since then was teaching the knowledge of Dhamma to his disciples until Ven. passed away on 3rd February 2502. Vicha Dhammagaya is a very supernatural Dhamma, even its basic and intermediate level could bring about comprehensive miracles, such as creating any weather in the area at wish, healing illnesses that the modern phisician cannot cure, detecting and finding the hidden or lost objects, foreseeing the future or going back to the past to examine Karma,etc. Vicha Dhammagaya is so miraculous that all black magic will surrender to it. So one who attains Vicha Dhamagaya comes closer to the black magic practicer, all the black magic of that guy will be automatically destroyed ! For the advanced Vicha Dhammagaya, it can bring about comprehensive miracles and subdue Mara(evils) to attain the highest Dhamma state of Nipphann or Niravan. Ven. has mentioned before that he consrecate his amulets his very own way, by method of Vicha Dhammagaya. Never by inchantations of katha. Many people knew amulets consrecated by Ven. LP Sod is very saksit or powerful. Other than Phra Somdej Wat Rakang Somdej Toh, this is the next best collection by many VIPs, VVIPs and wealthy people. Ven.’s Phra Wat PakNam has displayed many miracles over the years from achieving great success to dodging bullets. This Phra Wat PakNam was known to fly in the air, that is how saksit such amulet is. It is believed that when your affinities end with this amulet, it will fly away by itself.

The fundamental of Vicha Dhammagaya knowledge is-making the body’s center (inner abdomen at the navel level) as clear as crystal. The technique to do this is- gradually moving an imaginative crystal ball downward from the upper body to the body’s center, then focus on the inner center of the crystal ball and go ahead deeper and deeper. The practicer will pass through the 18 inner(astral) bodies, from roughly to delicately. At the 18th body, called Dhammagaya Arahant, the crystal Buddha appeared, is the most clean-minded state. One who attains this state could do out-of-bodying or make the inner body separate from the physical body to go anywhere, even kneel down before the Lord Buddha in the celestial Nipphann and pay obeisance to him !!

In B.E.2493 (A.D.1950) Luang Phor Wat PakNam started creating amulets as the gifts for donors who help him build a large Dhamma school which needed a hugh sum of money. Among the monks in his temple were worried about his project, everyone thought it’s not possible to collect a large amount of money.

But Luang Phor said “You all don’t worry, that’s my duty to do it for you. Please make your mind calm and be diligent to practice Dhammagaya I have taught you. Even it’s a large building and needs a lot of money to construct, I do not work alone. Dhammagaya (Buddha’s astral body) comes to help me and will bring me tons of money. So don’t worry, you just wait and see”

It’s a great amazing phenomenon, the temple flooded with people intending to donate money to him to build the school. One who donated 25 Baht would receive an amulet gift from his hand. Even a millionaire donated tens of thousand Baht, he still gave only one amulet to the donor. His nephew, the late Supreme Patriarch (Somdej Pa of Wat Bodhi), asked him “Why Luang Phor gave the millionaire only one amulet? He donated a large amount of money, could you give him 10 more amulets, couldn’t you?”
Luang Phor said “You know nothing, the amulet is invaluable object, it’s more valuable than any sum of money. One who receives the most sacred amulet of this kind will be rich and possesses a big treasure of a billion.”

He was so strictly in distributing the amulets that no second amulet will be given to the same receiver. Once the Supreme Patriarch Somdej Pa gave his own amulet to a boy, he later requested for a new one from Luang Phor, but Luang Phor never gave him. ( Therefore please be very aware if people claimed that they have many!!! )

Luang Phor Wat PakNam blessed his amulets by inviting all Buddhas gathering to charge their sacred power onto the amulets through the 3-month Lent period. He said “All Buddhas of every epochs gathered and blessed the amulets nonstop for 3 months. After finishing, all they say these are the first greatest amulets ever created in the world !! 

When you make a kind contribution to Ven., he will give you a piece of Phra Wat PakNam wrapped with a piece of paper. Instructions on how to best use this amulet. How to use Luang Phor Wat PakNam’s amulets?  He taught that the owner should gaze at the amulet and remember it, and then place that imaginative image at the body’s center while recite SAMMA
ARAHANG continuously. Focus your mind at the center of the image. Just stop your mind right there, then dive deeper and deeper in the center point, never turn back. Finally, the image will automatically be changed to be a crystal-like Buddha, then focus your mind at the body’s center of the Buddha. The sparkling Buddha
will finally appear. At this stage, you breathe slightly and slowly. Now you can pray or beg for everything you wish from the Lord Buddha. This is the most effective way to beg for his help. You will sooner or later get what you wish.

Phra Wat PakNam illustrates the style of the Buddha that depicts ” Savakkhato Bhagavata Dhammo Sanditthiko Akaliko Ehipassiko Opanayiko Paccatam Veditabbo Vinnuhiti” . It simply means the Teaching is perfectly enunciated by the Blessed One, is verifiable here and now, is with immediate fruit, invites all to test it for themselves, leads onward to Nibbana, and is to be experienced by the wise, each for himself.

Luang Phor Wat PakNam created 3 batches of amulets, each batch 84,000 pieces ( symbolizing Buddha’s words ). The first batch in B.E.2493, approximately 40 % brushed with lacquer and 60 % are plain surface ; the second batch in B.E.2494, the same molds as the 1st batch, all amulets brushed with lacquer; and the third batch in B.E.2499, using both old and new molds. Because it’s very difficult to differentiate the lacquer-brushed amulets between the 1st and 2nd batches, so all lacquer-brushed amulets are assumed as the 1st batch.

The body of Ven. LP Sodh was used to be visible like the photo above but now it has been closed for viewing.