Luang Phor Phrom , Wat Chong Kae

The Biography of Luang Phor Phrom

LP Phrom was born on Thursday 12 April 2426 B.E. (1883 C.E.) in Ayutthaya province. He had 4 siblings. LP Phrom studied reading and writing with a monk in his village. He studied Khmer (Cambodian) language together with Thai language. When he was 20, he got ordained as a Buddhist monk at Wat Khian Lai in his hometown on 15 March 2447 B.E. (1904 C.E.). His monk name was �Thawaro�. After ordination, LP Phrom began meditation (Kammatan)
LP Phrom learnt magic from Ajarn Phuang who was a lay guru master before being a monk. After ordination, LP Phrom learnt meditation from LP Dam 4 years. Then he learnt more magic from Ajarn Won who was a lay guru master 5 years until Ajarn Won passed away. LP Phrom took bone ash of AJ Won to Wat Chongkhae for worship. After that, LP Phrom exchanged magical knowledge with monks who were his age and senior such as LP Derm, etc. 

LP Phrom went on a pilgrimage called �Tudong� in Thailand and abroad. He once walked to Burma and stayed there long. One day, LP Phrom passed Wat Chongkhae, Nakhon Sawan province and stopped to do meditation there. At that time, there were 2 monks at Wat Chongkhae but there was no an abbot. People saw LP Phrom and admired him, so they ask him to be an abbot. LP Phrom was the first abbot of Wat Chongkhae. With his good behavior, LP Phrom was respected by many people. People gradually donated the lands to LP Phrom to enlarge the temple.  

Amulets by LP Phrom began when LP Phrom had project of building the chapel. Building the chapel needs a lot of money, so LP Phrom made amulets to make money for that. Most amulets by LP Phrom have a bell or are bell-shaped. 

LP Phrom did not move to another temple. He stayed at Wat Chongkhae for 54 years (1917-1971 C.E.) until he resigned from an abbot in 2514 B.E. (1971 C.E.). LP Phrom built advantages for Wat Chongkhae such as helping patients, patronizing the school, building basic structures in Wat Chongkhae and so on.  

LP Phrom passed away on 30 January 2518 B.E. (1975 C.E.). After death, his body does not decay.
Temple keeps his body in the glass coffin so that people can see and pay respect.