Luang Phor Liew , Wat Raideng Thong

Luang Phor Liew was born in 1905 at Ratchaburi Province, Thailand. When he was young, he ran away from home to study Magical Knowledge (Wicha) with a Karen Ajarn. At the age of 27, he was ordained as a monk.

He studied the Phaya Tao (Tuttle) knowledge from LP Yon of Wat Ban Kong Yai, Ratchaburi Province. Thereafter, he was very successful in this Wicha (Magical Knowledge) and consecrated the First Phayatao Amulet in 1973. The Phaya Tao Amulet helps in Overcoming Obstacles, Protection from Danger, Wealth Fetcher, Prosperity, Metta, Success and Business Enhancements. Hence, the Phaya Tao became the symbol of LP Liew.

He also became very famous for the consecration and blessing of the Phaya Tao Amulets (many has witnessed that when LP Liew recites the Kartha (Magical Spells), the Phaya Tao Amulets was able to swim).

When giving Dhamma talks, at times, he would sit on a Live Giant Turtle. The turtle would just remain still (motionless) while he gave those talks, as it was listening to the Dhamma as well. LP Liew practiced the "Kwai Sik" or the Turtle Breathing Technique. His mastery over this practice was once tested by allowing himself to be wrapped in plastic (without any air passing through) and then was buried for 10 days without food or water. After ten days, he was unearthed and was alive and well.

Once he went to a cave for a retreat, many turtles came to the cave and offered him vegetables and fruits. Over the following weeks, about over 3,000 turtles visited and pay their respects to LP Liew. He gave Dhamma talks to the turtles. After finishing his talks, some of the turtles shed their bodies and were reborn in the heavenly realms.

After the retreat, he built a pond in his temple so that devotees could release "Fong Sang" such as turtles, fishes, eels from the markets and released them from the bondage.

Besides, consecrating Phaya Tao Amulets, LP Liew was also an Expert in Concentration and Mindfulness as taught by the Lord Buddha. He left this world on 4th September, 2543.