Phor Than Paew

Phor Than Paew

by Jun Wei

Phor Than Paew also can be known as Luang Phor Paew Phonpanyo. Before his ordination, people would address him as “Paew Khamtree”.  Phor Than Paew was born on 5th June BE 2473 in Huay-rakmai Ville, house no. 207 Moo 1 Pantae Sub-district, Kuankanoon District, Pattalung Province. His father was known as Mr Noo Khamtree while his mother was known as Mrs Poon Khamtree. In fact, Phor Than Paew spent his time growing up in the Province of Pattalung.

Phor Than Paew was in fact the nephew of Ajarn Nam Wat Donsala. And nowadays he is known for his magic within the Pattalung Province. In fact, When he was at the age of 20, he was ordained as a monk. His preceptor was Luang Phor Nae Wat Kuan Pattharam who is known as the number 1 guru monk regarding magic and sorcery all over Pattalung Province. Luang Phor Nae has been admired by Ajarn Dit Wat Pagsa who was also well-known for his knowledge in magic and spells. On top of that, Phor Than Paew also studied with Ajarn Pan Wat Khao Orr for his mysterious knowledge until Ajarn Pan had passed away. With the guidance and the knowledge that Phor Than Paew learned from these 3 guru monks, Phor Than Paew has earned a nickname himself. The nickname is : “Pet- Naam-Ngam-Saam-Khao-Orr”. This means diamonds from 3 wizards of the Khao-Orr. Phor Than Paew is really good at enchantment and incantation. Apart from his Khao-Orr magical knowledge, Phor Than Paew has also gained his reputation from people who believed in white and dark magic and those who love magic.

In fact, Phor Than Paew did disrobed for a while for further study and reordained as a monk in BE 2552 by Phra Kru Wirotsasanakit (Portaanchang) at Wat Kuanpantaram. Phor Than Paew is well-respected among the villagers in the area due to his good practice.



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