Phor Than Kling

Phor Than Kling

by Jun Wei

Phor Than Kling is the former abbot of Wat Thalung Thong. It is known that he is one of the well-known guru monks residing in the Southern Part of Thailand Nakhon Si Thammarat Province. Phor Than Kling was born in BE 2427 and had passed away in the year BE 2533 at the age of 106.

In fact, Phor Than Kling was ordained as a novice since he was 8 years old and later ordained as a monk at the age of 20. Phor Than Kling has lived a long life and has helped to build lots of public facilities, temples and many others. Even Phor Than Klai Wat Shuan Kan and Ajarn Nam Wat Donsala respected him alot. Phor Than Klai used to tell his devotees that those who like to pay respect to him could go and pay respect to Phor Than Kling instead and ask for his blessing as  devotees are not required to travel too far to Wat Shuan Kan as receiving blessing from Phor Than Kling is the same as receiving blessing from him.

Something worth-mentioning is that Phor Than Kling’s life is full of kindness for devotees that pay respect to him. It is also known to people that Phor Than Kling is a Geji that has lots of Visha Arkom as most of the amulets consecrated by him is considered filled with Metta Maha Niyom.

There are also people experiencing life saving moments by wearing Phor Than Kling’s amulets. One such incident happened in BE 2547,  a man named Chalong was shot by someone in the dark with a shotgun in fact he was shot twice. It is reported that Mr Chalong stood still in shock and the gunman got close to him and shot him again but due to the close distance he fell unconscious on the floor. It was until the following morning that someone woke him up in the middle of the road and found out that there were bullets around him yet none of the bullets penetrated his flesh only leaving red marks all over his body soon people found out that Mr Chalong was wearing Phor Than Kling’s Rian.

Even though Phor Than Kling had passed on, Wat Thalung Thong remains to be one of the most important temples in Nakhon Si Thammarat Province with many devotees visiting the temple every day.

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