Luang Phor Udom

Luang Phor Udom

by Jun Wei

Luang Phor Udom is one of the well-known monks in Ayutthaya Province as people respect him. He is famous for consecrating Takrut and the Takrut of his had be sought after by the Thai military in the Southern Part of Thailand as there was an incident reported that there was a soldier that was left unhurt in an explosion and that he was wearing one of Luang Phor Udom’s Takrut at that period of time.

Luang Phor Udom Wat Pichaisongkram was born on 6th August BE 2479 in Ayutthaya Province. He is the second son of Mr Bua Ladda and Mrs Chan Ladda. In fact, he has 5 siblings among his family members. Luang Phor Udom received his primary 1 and 2 education at Wat Phrayatikaram School. But he received his primary 3 education at Wat Ulom School and went back to Wat Phrayatikaram to finish up his primary 4 education. Then he started his secondary school education, he spent his secondary 1 - 3 at Sunthornwittaya School and secondary 4-6 at the vocational college known as “Ayutthaya Technical College”. Afterwards, his mother took him to Wat Phrayatikaram to be ordained as a novice on 6th August BE 2494 at the age of 15. After his ordination, his mother brought him to stay with Luang Phor Tuan Wat Kluai, Ayutthaya Province and since then Luang Phor Udom has been in monkhood.

Nowadays despite Luang Phor Udom getting older year by year, he remains not having any disciples. Therefore he would consecrate his Takrut all by himself. Everything is hand written by him as Luang Phor Udom would slowly ensure every Takrut is done properly. Takrut Salika is one of his signature Takrut.

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