Luang Phor Seng Wat Kalaya Nimit

Luang Phor Seng Wat Kalaya Nimit

by Jun Wei

Luang Phor Seng Wat Kalaya is a guru monk that is well-known for his lotus flower holy water. It is believed that anyone who cherishes his holy water and brings the holy water back to mix with any of the food will gain help from Luang Phor Seng. There is a story that once there was a noodle soup seller that went to pay respect to Luang Phor Seng and told Luang Phor Seng that his business was not good and that he has no money to pay for his rental. Upon hearing that, Luang Phor Seng made a bowl of holy water with lotus flowers in it and told the noodle seller to bring the holy water back and pour the holy water into his beef soup. It is believed that as soon as he started operating his business as usual, he then added the holy water into his beef noodle soup. Surprisingly, customers came one after another till all the soup and noodles prepared for that day were sold out. The story started to spread like wildfire and eventually Luang Phor Seng had to make his now famous lotus holy water daily for devotees. This story was well documented by the locals of Thonburi, Bangkok.

The most popular Rian of Luang Phor Seng has to be the first batch of Rian. As the first batch of Rian was consecrated upon the request of the villagers to be worn for good business, Loving Kindness and protection against all sorts of dangers. Funds collected from his first batch of Rian were used to build the Biggest Rakang in Thailand. If one was to visit Wat Kalaya, one will be able to see the big bell.

There are also many other stories related to his first batch of Rian.

The amulet consecrated by Luang Phor Seng are highly sought-after by amulet collectors. Luang Phor Seng himself mentioned to one villager “With my amulet on your neck, you will gain wealth and business in time to come. Never give away the amulet that I give u. Cherish and have faith in it. One amulet is all you need.”

Wat Kalayanamit Woramahavihara (Wat Kalaya) is situated on the bank of the Chao Phraya River, on the Thonburi side, near the mouth of the Bangkok Yai Canal. Chao Phraya Nikorn Bodin (To Kalayanamit) donated his own house and some adjoining land he bought to construct the temple in BE 2368 which he then presented to King Rama III, who named it Wat Kalayanamit. King Rama III constructed the Phra Vihara Luang and the presiding Buddha image, Luang Pho To, or Phra Buddha Triratana Nayok. He intended that there should be a large Buddha image near the river, similar to Wat Phananchoeng in the old capital, Ayutthaya. Luang Pho To is highly revered, especially by the Chinese, who call it Sampohudkong, or Sampokong. Inside the Ubosot, which is smaller than the Phra Vihara, there are murals depicting the lives of the Buddha as well as everyday scenes of life during the Third Reign, which are of artistic and historical value.

In addition, there is the Monthientham Thaloengprakiat Library hall, which is the repository of a set of the Tripitaka, or Buddhist scriptures, dating from the reign of King Rama IV. In front of the Phra Vihara Luang there is a newly constructed bell tower which houses the largest bell in Thailand. Near the temple entrance there is a beautiful stone chedi called "Tah", that was brought from China.




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