Luang Phor SaNguan

Luang Phor SaNguan

by Jun Wei

Phra Kru ThamMaNan known as Luang Phor SaNguan is the former abbot of Wat PhaiPhanMue in Suphanburi Province. He was also a well-known monk for his magical charm.

He was born in BE 2460 in Suphanburi Province. When he was at the age of 20 in BE 2480 he was ordained as a novice at Wat SangKhositaram in Suphanburi Province. After his ordination, he started to learn Dharma, magic, magical spells and writing of magical letters under the guidance of Luang Phor Khuen Wat SangKhositaram until he passed his examination. However in BE 2498, he disrobed. Afterwards, he got married and had his own family. Although during that period he was a layman, he remains to be a good Buddhist. By the time in BE 2505, he was reordained again at Wat OngKhaRak. Within the next couple of years, in BE 2512 he was appointed as the abbot of Wat PhaiPhanMue. In fact, Luang Phor SaNguan made a great contribution toward Wat PhaiPhanMue by making the temple prosperous. In fact, it is known that Luang Phor SaNguan was a good and well-respected monk.

On 14th February BE 2536, Luang Phor SaNguan passed on at the age of 76. 

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