Luang Phor Peung

Luang Phor Peung

by Jun Wei

Luang Phor Peung (Some would spell Luang Phor Phung or Luang Perng) Wat Sawang Arom is a well-known guru monk in Suphanburi Province. In fact, just to name some of the guru monks that he sought knowledge from are: Luang Phor Nong Wat Klong Madan, Luang Phor Pluem Wat Khao Yai and many others. On top of that, Luang Phor Peung is also the senior of Luang Phor Sod Wat Paknam. 


Luang Phor Peung was born at Ban Phai Moo, Tambon Tontarl, Song Phi Nong District, Suphanburi Province in BE 2426. Both of his parents were farmers. His father was known as Mr Rai while his mother was known as Mrs Pui. It is known that his family was poor financially. Later on, both of his parents decided to live separately. Luang Phor Peung would then stay with his mother and help out with the work required at the farm. However his mother wanted him to be able to read and write hence she sent him to study with Luang Phor Sang at Wat Klong Madan which was not far away from his home. In fact, Luang Phor Peung was a diligent child who studied both Thai and Khmer Language and was able to read and write fluently including the mantras that were taught to him. Later on, he was ordained as a monk at Wat Song Phi Nong. His preceptors were Luang Phor Niang Intachoto as his first ordination teacher and Luang Phor Nong as his second ordination teacher.

After his ordination about one year later, Luang Phor Sod Wat Paknam also came to ordained as a monk at Wat Song Phi Nong and stayed in the same monk’s house with both Luang Phor Peung and Luang Phor Horm. Therefore, the three of them became very close with one another. As they would go Tudong together and study Vipassana Meditation together under the guidance of Luang Phor  Pluem Wat Khao Yai.  After learning from Luang Phor Pluem, Luang Phor Peung returned to Wat Song Phi Nong while Luang Phor Sod stayed at Wat Paknam. 

Years later, Luang Phor Peung went to stay at Wat Sawang Arom Tambon Ban Khum, Song Phi Nong District, Suphanburi Province. On 13th May BE 2462, there was a ceremony held whereby Luang Phor Nong, Luang Phor Sod and Luang Phor Horm were invited as well. When the 3 of them arrived, they then started to begin the construction of Wat Sawang Arom with the help from the villagers to dig canals around the temple and planted coconut trees on the ridge. The villagers also dig soil and make a mound to build the hall for the temple. Luang Phor Peung then distributed his amulet out to the villagers who came to help in the building of the temple. 

In fact, Luang Phor Peung had spent a period of time to make the powder for the amulet whereby he would write the Yant with a soft-prepared chalk on slates.  On top of that everytime after he had finished writing he would then erase them. He wrote for many years and had collected many of it. In BE 2493, Luang Phor Sod even asked Luang Phor Peung for his powder to be mixed into his own amulet consecration. And for those that are interested about how Luang Phor Peung consecrated his amulet?  He would use 108 circles of holy threads to circle around the area to consecrate the amulets. Once the amulets are done, he would bring all the amulets into the hall of the temple to be blessed by the monks in the morning, evening and night for a duration of 3 months. After that, he would bring every amulet and bless the amulets individually until the end of the three months.

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