Luang Phor Opasi

Luang Phor Opasi

by Jun Wei

Luang Phor Opasi was born in BE 2441. He also had 7 other siblings. At the age of 5, he started his monastic studies and became a novice at the age of 13 at Wat Tai. His teacher noticed that he was a smart student and advised him to go to a larger city to complete his studies. Therefore Luang Phor Opasi travelled to Wat Tah Po first and then to Wat Bowon which is located in Bangkok to study Pali.  

Luang Phor Opasi liked to study and has learned to speak in several other languages such as English, Tamoul, Malay, Japanese, Pali and others. He was the disciple of Luang Phor Kob Wat Koa Salika in Lopburi. Although they had never met each other physically, they communicated through telepathy during their meditations and thus Luang Phor Kob teaches  Luang Phor Opasi all his knowledge and the unique mediation through this way. Luang Phor Kob himself has developed a technique of mediation that is based on the concentration of a flame. Luang Phor Kob had a great capacity to meditate without any interruption for as long as 40days without any eating or drinking. 

When Luang Phor Opasi reached the highest level of study, His behavior started to change in a strange way, it started from the technique of contemplating flames for long periods . He observed the preceptes strictly, and in particular refused all the gifts which were for him. He started to burn the gift by saying that these objects were temptations which will make him unhappy and that the fire was the solution to this problem. On one occasion, Luang Phor Opasi failed to put out the fire at Wat Bowon, this made the villagers very unhappy. They didn't understand why Luang Phor Opasi behaved like this. This leads to many villagers thinking that he had simply become insane. Luang Phor Opasi was requested to leave Wat Bowon but he was then invited to go to Wat Arsom by Ajarn Bow. 

During the period that Luang Phor Opasi was in Wat Arsom, he became very famous for his gifts of clairvoyants, indeed it was never mistaken in any of his predictions. He soon became that well- known that disciples came from far places to see him from morning to the evening to know their future, or to ask him to perform a miracle for them, that made Luang Phor Opasi no time for his meditation. 

He then decided to give out amulets as gifts to those which would carry them and to give them to the visitors that asked him to predict their future, and ask them to leave him in peace. During these years he also made other amulets such as the Garuda amulet, portraits of himself and King Rama V. Nowadays these amulets are all in collectors’ hands . Many copies were made, and it is extremely difficult to get the items blessed by Luang Phor Opasi.

In BE 2498, Luang Phor Opasi and two of his disciples were invited to a Buddhist gathering in India that was held on October 28. Luang Phor Opasi told his two disciples to leave before him and that he would join them later. He also told them that he will not be on the spot before October 31 and to warn the organizers of his delay and the date of its arrival. On that day which is October 31, many of his disciples went to the airport to wish him a happy voyage. But the unfortunate thing happened such, a few days later the death of Luang Phor Opasi was announced. In fact, in the evening, Luang Phor Opasi  himself told the monks that he was going to remain in meditation for several days and to not disturb him under any circumstance, then he went into the Kuti. He stayed there until an anxious monk decided to go and see whether Luang Phor Opasi were well or not, he entered the kuti to find Luang Phor Opasi in a state having all the aspects of death.

During this time, in India, the two disciples of Luang Phor Opasi attended the Buddhist gathering in the company of Luang Phor Opasi. Luang Phor Opasi spoke with many other Buddhists dignitaries and even gave a speech to hundreds of people, even photos of this occasion have been taken.

Luang Phor Opasi said goodbye to his two disciples, and told them that he was going to return to Thailand only by separate means of transport. When they came back, the disciples had a hard time believing the news of Luang Phor Opasi's death, everyone believed that they had become insane when they said to have spent the day in his company. Only the testimony of several other monks present and the photographs in India of Luang Phor Opasi proved the veracity of their incredible history.

Each year the coffin of Luang Phor Opasi is opened, his body has not decomposed and his fingernails and hair are cut.

This is a common thing regarding monks that have become enlightened, The body will not decompose or if the body is burned the bones will turn to stone or diamond. 

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