Luang Phor Nong

Luang Phor Nong

by Jun Wei

Before Luang Phor Niam Wat Noi passed away in BE 2453, Luang Phor Niam told Luang Phor Parn Wat Bang Nom Kho that after he passed away and whenever Luang Phor Parn required additional knowledge about Dharma or Visha he should approach Luang Phor Nong at Wat Klong Madan as Luang Phor Nong would take his place. From this sentence, we can notice that Luang Phor Niam was very aware that Luang Phor Nong was going to be a guru monk as well and hoped that he would guide Luang Phor Parn as well.

Luang Phor Nong Wat Klong Madan passed away in BE 2477 at the age of 68. The posture that Luang Phor Nong had when he passed on was a respect towards Lord Buddha as he positioned himself with a reclining attitude with both hands at his chest level in prayer. His body remains un-decomposed just as Luang Phor Niam Wat Noi. Luang Phor Nong was both well-respected and revered. He was known for his Dharma and charitable works.

Luang Phor Nong has a small Buddha statue in his Kuti. He would ask the Buddha image for advice on every important decision in his life. When he was still a novice monk, he had made a wish about constructing a Buddha statue but had some doubts how he may locate an artisan to sculpt the design. It is said that he consulted with the Buddha image in his Kuti and was subsequently advised to travel to Ayutthaya, where he would meet an old man wearing a white robe. This was the artisan he was looking for. As instructed, he left Wat Klong Madan and headed towards Ayutthaya , whereupon he was to meet the man in white robes offering him food at the roadside. The old man said ‘’Luang Phor, I have heard that you plan to construct a large Buddha statue and you require a skilled artisan?’’ Luang Phor Nong nodded his head to which the old man replied, " I will accompany you to your temple and help to sculpt and cast the Buddha statue." Three days later, the old man arrived at Wat Klong Madan. The old man assisted the creation of a beautiful big Buddha statue. After completion he departed quietly, without a word. Luang Phor Nong had wanted to express his gratitude and indeed went searching for him, but no one had seen or knew him.

After returning to his Kuti, Luang Phor Nong consulted his small Buddha statue. And Luang Phor Nong was given this reply : " There is no need to try and locate the old man as he is not an ordinary person, he is a deva."

There is also a small story between Luang Phor Nong and Luang Phor Parn. It is believed that there is a Phra Borom Dhat (Buddha relic) which is said to have sprang out from the palate in Luang Phor Nong’s mouth. So out of curiosity, Luang Phor Parn asked Luang Phor Nong : It is widely said that you have a Phra Borom Dhat in your mouth is that true? Luang Phor Nong just nodded his head with a little smile and Luang Phor Parn paid respect to Luang Phor Nong.

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