Luang Phor Muang

Luang Phor Muang

by Jun Wei

Luang Phor Muang was born on 21st August BE 2455 at Bahn moo ti 5, Aumper Pak Tok, Tambon Pak Tor, Ratchaburi Province. At the age of 19, Luang Phor Muang was ordained as a monk at Wat Pak Tor on 8th June BE 2474. His preceptor was Luang Phor Prok Wat Chom Lom. Luang Phor Muang was very interested in Dharma. So within two years, in BE 2476, Luang Phor Muang was able to graduate with a degree in Buddhist teaching at Wat Pak Tor but that did not stop Luang Phor Muang from studying more as within another 2 more years in BE 2478 he graduated with a master degree for Buddhist teaching. By BE 2480, Luang Phor Muang graduated and became a teacher that teaches mystical magic and Buddhist teaching. In BE 2488, Luang Phor Muang became the chief monk of the sub district. After that in BE 2501 Luang Phor Muang was appointed as the abbot of Wat Yang Ngam and the chief monk of the district.

After Luang Phor Muang became the abbot of Wat Yang Ngam, he was hugely involved in the temple building and helping the public. Luang Phor Muang would also spread Dharma through writing of books and would distribute the books out to the novices and laymen. Luang Phor Muang also would be involved in projects such as  raising funds for children, building of monk's quarters, building of the main hall in Wat Yang Ngam and the building of a bridge across the river for the public.

Luang Phor Muang also wanted people to understand the beauty of Dharma so he set up a school for Dharma teachings for the public. Whenever there are visitors in the temple, Luang Phor Muang hopes to nurture a new generation of people that could really understand and follow the Dharma. In fact, Luang Phor Muang was a kind-hearted monk who never lost his temper or scolded people. His intention was to let  everyone have mercy and believe in Buddhism. He was very respected by the villagers, officials, politicians and merchants of the area and everyone would gather to help whenever Luang Phor Muang required funds or help.

Luang Phor Muang also went to find Luang Pu Jai Wat Sadej and served as a disciple under Luang Phor Jai. in fact, Luang Phor Muang went to learn from Luang Pu Jai earlier than Luang Phor Yod Wat Kaew Charoen. After Luang Pu Jai passed away, Luang Phor Yod would often visit Luang Phor Muang to seek his advice.

In BE 2501, Luang Phor Muang was given the rank of Phra Kru Soothorn Chariyawat. By BE 2508, Luang Phor Muang became Phra Upacha (Preceptor). In BE 2521, Luang Phor Muang became the commissioner of education.

Luang Phor Muang only started to consecrate his first batch of self image Rian and the 7 coloured strings Takrut which he learnt from the Wicha of Luang Pu Jai in BE 2528. Many devotees and disciples desired to get Luang Phor Muang's amulets as those who have experienced improvement in Metta Maha Niyom and Kong Krapan. There are stories of people surviving from bad accidents and they believed it was Luang Phor Muang’s amulet that saved their lives. After various such incidents, many people from all over Thailand flocked to Wat Yang Ngam to get Luang Phor  Muang's amulets and many of them requested Luang Phor Muang to consecrate Takruts like Takrut Lookatat, Ko Kin Nom Ser, Mongkon 9 Yang and many more. But Luang Phor Muang insists on doing everything mostly from him slowly without rushing as he had learnt from Luang Pu Jai. As Luang Pu Jai was famous for his Takrut Naresuan Prab Hongsa. Indeed, Luang Phor Muang consecrated the same takrut as long as 9 inches and covered it with Phong Putthakhun and set it to dry. After which, he will put lacquer and gold foil as well as his hair and monk robe. Afterward, his disciples will help him to draw Yant on the powder as Luang Phor Muang was old and has developed the habit of shaking his hand too much due to his age. Other than Takrut, Luang Phor Muang would often distribute Loop Om and his Roop Tai with Yant behind for visitors and devotees to worship. Luang Phor Muang was also widely invited to blessing ceremonies.

In BE 2540, Luang Phor Muang became the president of the monk committee in the district.

Luang Phor Muang passed away on 22nd August BE 2552 at Ratchaburi Hospital due to complications of lymph nodes in his stomach at the age of 98 having passed 78 Pansa.

Even though Luang Phor Muang had passed on, people still remember Luang Phor Muang would often mention this to everyone “ Kor Hai Tuk Khun Jong Rak Sa.” “Kor Hai Tuk Khun Jong Rak Sa'' means Let everyone be healed.

Luang Phor Muang also reminds us about the Dharma and doing good deeds with loving kindness.





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