Luang Phor Mayk

Luang Phor Mayk

by Jun Wei

Palakit consecrated and blessed by Luang Phor Mayk can be described as some of the least aesthetic as the appearance does not look special as there are no Yant on it yet it is the opposite. In fact, his Palakit is considered to be one of the most sought-after Palakit.    

His Palakit are quite extraordinary to look at in comparison with other Palakit consecrated by other guru monks such as Luang Phor Kong who would have carved the Palakit with Yant on it.  Having said that, many would argue that his Palakit are some of the most beautiful to have been created, outstanding in their natural simplicity.    

Luang Phor Mayk consecrated his Palakit by using a unique wood known as Mai Kur. As it is believed that Mai Kur possesses strong medicinal properties and in particular a natural antivenom for snake bite. In Thai folklore, it is said that the Thais had discovered this tree (Mai Kur) when a victim of a deadly snake bite had been revived from death after sap had dropped into his mouth. 

Palakit consecrated by Luang Phor Mayk is popular with those exposed to danger and in particular rural or agricultural communities where such a threat is a very real and serious health hazard.  Working in the rice fields, hours away from any medical assistance has been the cause of innumerable fatalities.

In fact his Palakit were so famous for the purpose of protection that many of his amulets featured venomous snakes. Protection is one of blessings that these Palakit are known for.

Once, there was a Thai woman named Renu Sirayama, who had emigrated to Japan and experienced an abnormal pregnancy. The doctors had advised that it was almost certain that the baby wouldn't survive full term. Yet she recounted that despite the doctor’s opinion. She went on to give birth to a healthy child. She attributed this to a Palakit blessed by Luang Phor Mayk that she had apparently ground a portion of and consumed. Even the medical staff professed total surprise.  

Luang Phor Mayk had told his devotees that he would remain with them through his amulets and Palakit even after he had passed on.





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