Luang Phor Lampoo

Luang Phor Lampoo

by Jun Wei

Luang Phor Lampoo Wat Bang Khum Prom was born in BE 2444 in Amphoe Ta Ruea, Nakorn Sri Ayutthata. At the age of 21, he was ordained as a monk at Wat Gai Jan in Ayutthaya Province on 1st May BE 2444. His Upachaya was Luang Phor Badtr Intachodti Wat Sadteru. His Gamma Wajajarn was Phra Ajarn Luean Wat Thalung Hlek and his Anusawri Ajarn was Phra Ajarn Tong Dee Wat Bua Nam. After his ordination, Luang Phor Lampoo studied Khom Aghkhara (ancient sanskrit magical script) diligently.

In BE 2469, Luang Phor Lampoo went to Wat Chang Tong where he would spend 7 years practicing Kammathana Vipassana. During these 7 years, he would spend his time studying  Khom Sanskrit Agkhara and Putakom Sorcery. Within 4 years, in BE 2473 Luang Phor Lampoo obtained his Bachelor's Degree by taking an exam in Wat Nong Khuean Kang which he passed. Then, in BE 2477, Luang Phor Lampoo went to Wat Bang Khum Prom to further his studies and was later requested be the vice abbot of Wat Bang Khum Prom in BE 2502.  Luang Phor Lampoo refused the position as he say that the temple should choose a younger monk to be the vice abbot. However, in BE 2512 Luang Phor Lampoo was appointed as the vice abbot and he had to accept it.

Luang Phor Lampoo was one the members of the Gammagarn Committee who performed the official opening of the Chedi Yai Gru Chamber in BE 2500 to remove the Phra Somdej Wat Bang Khun Prom amulets of Somdej Phra Puttajarn (Dto) Prohmrangsri (Wat Rakang Kositaram). After most of the amulets were distributed out, those which were broken and left over were taken by Luang Phor Lampoo and kept in his Kuti.

As the unbroken amulets were all depleted and the devotees found out that Luang Phor Lampoo had kept the broken ones at his Kuti, the devotees began to flock to him to ask for him to give them the broken Phra Somdej. Luang Phor Lampoo then decided to grind the broken amulets into powders and repress them into new Phra Somdej amulets. Luang Phor Lampoo mixed the sacred amulets which were ground down with some other Muan Sarn powders which were gathered from magical and sacred sources, temples and monks. And repressed the powders into amulets again within the Dtamra Phra Somdej of Somdej Phra Puttajarn (Dto) Prohmrangsri Wat Rakang Kositaram. There were both light colored amulets, and some were also mixed with Nur Phong Bailan (made from burning ancient Buddhist parchment magical grimoires into soot).

Luang Phor Lampoo consecrated a total of 2216 amulets in BE 2502. Of these, 11 different Pim in BE 2502 were released. Which were :

1. Pim Yai 2. Pim Yai Gaes Talu Sum 3. Pim Yai Dtor 4. Pim Ok Krut 5. Pim Sen Dai 6. Pim Thaan Koo 7. Pim Thaan Saem 8. Pim Prok Po 9. Pim Kanaen 10. Pim Jantr Loi and 11. Pim Saiyasana.

As to the 11th Pim (Sayasana sleeping Buddha), only very limited pieces were consecrated as Luang Phor Lampoo would distribute the amulet out himself by handing it out to his closest devotees at the temple. Luang Phor Lampoo finished consecrating the amulets in BE 2502 and began to give out to devotees. He also took a number of amulets and kept them in the Chedi Stupa Gru chamber until BE 2519.

Thereafter, they were removed and handed out to devotees who came to receive holy water blessing to heal illnesses, which was held at the temple in that year by Luang Phor Lampoo.

Apart from Phra Somdej Wat Bang Khun Prom BE 2502, Luang Phor Lampoo also consecrated many other amulets : including Phra Somdej  BE 2514 Hlang Yant, 2515, 2516, 2517 and 2519 editions

Luang Phor Lampoo was also famous for his Rian.  Which has a first batch and second batch. It is known as Rian Roop Khai (oval egg shaped coin) and Rian Met Dtaeng (Watermelon Seed shaped small coin).

The Rian would  feature the image of Luang Phor Lampoo sitting in meditation. The blessing of the Rian was in his Kuti with several guru monks that Luang Phor Lampoo was befriended with in BE 2515.  After this, Luang Phor Lampoo consecrated and blessed his BE 2516 and BE 2517 Phra Somdej Wat Bang Khun Prom, which were blessed in Buddha Abhiseka at Wat Gai Jan, the temple of his ordination into the Sangha, where they were also released out.

The remaining amulets leftover were kept within the Chedi Stupa at Wat Bang Khun Prom, until BE 2519. In BE 2519, the Chedi Stupa was reopened and the amulets from all of his editions till then were removed and given out, with certain batches being stamped with rubber ink stamps for differentiation from the original releases in BE 2502, 2514, 2515, 2516 and 2517 Chedi Openings.

In BE 2521, Luang Phor Lampoo initiated a Kathina Robe Ceremony at Wat Gai Jan to raise funds to help the building of an Uposatha Shrine Room, which was attended by King Bhumipol Adulyadej Rama 9 and Phra Somdej Phra Nang Jao Pra Boroma Rachininat (Her Majesty the Queen), on the 18th July  BE 2521. The Majesties performed the Initiation of the raising of the roof beam struts (Chor Fa) of the Uposatha, and performed the ‘Piti Dtat Look Nimit’ Nimitta Arahant Ball, which is traditionally buried beneath the Shrine Room.

The majesties installed the Buddha Relic within the Phra Gaes Mala topknot of the Buddha Image, and signed the Sila Reuks foundation stone and invited Buddha to dwell within the image. The majesties also planted 2 Pikul Trees (Asian Bulletwood – Latin; Mimusops Elengi), and donated a large donation of funds to Wat Gai Jan.

Luang Phu Lampoo is also known to have consecrated Phra Somdej amulets at Wat Gai Jan Temple in BE 2521 and BE 2522, making only one single Pim Model, the Phra Somdej Pim Yai.

Many amulets of Luang Phor Lampoo were also kept under the base of the Phra Pratan Buddha Image at Wat Gai Jan until the year BE 2542 that they had been removed and distributed out. Luang Phor Lampoo also consecrated Rian in BE 2524 which was to celebrate his 80 years old. At the same time, Wat Gan Jan also consceated a Bicha statue in his image to pay respect to him. This is considered to be the last batch of Luang Phor Lampoo’s amulets. The strange thing is that this time round, Luang Phor Lampoo did not consecrate any Phra Somdej amulets.

Luang Phor Lampoo built a Vihara shrine at Wat Gai Jan for his body to be kept at after his death but remained at Wat Bang Khun Prom until his death, leaving instructions that to only move his body to Wat Gai Jan after one year of his passing.

On 1st September  BE 2533, Luang Phor Lampoo passed away. Everything went according to his instruction. After one year at Wat Bang Khun Prom, his remains were moved to Wat Gan Jai and placed at the Vihara Shrine which he has allocated for himself to be placed in.  His body did not decay in any way over the years as they have passed but BE2552 the committee of devotees of Luang Phor  Lampoo began to rumour about the need to perform a Royal Decree Cremation for the remains of Luang Phor Lampoo according to tradition. Hence, his remains were cremated on 14th November BE 2552.

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