Luang Phor Kui

Luang Phor Kui

by Jun Wei

Luang Phor Kui was born on 20th May BE 2464 in Petchaboon Province. His father’s name was Mr Tong Dee while his mother’s name was Mrs Tong. He was given the name “Wichai Rat”. It is said that Luang Phor Kui’s exact birthdate was on BE 2454 but back in those days people that live in the deep forest were having difficult time to travel to the main town area to register a birth of a child. 

Luang Phor Kui was a friendly and helpful child. He also liked to practice chanting incantations and Buddhist mantras that his father taught him and was very diligent to put his hearts into everything that he did. 

When he reached the age of 12, the unfortunate thing happened. His father passed away. Luang Phor Kui then decided to ordained as a novice monk in front of the funeral pyre of his father to pay respect and make merit for him. However, once the funeral and mourning time was over, he refused to disrobe. Luang Phor Kui then heard the merit and attainments of Luang Phor Tob War Chon Daen. Which made him decide to travel to Wat Chon Daen and learn from Luang Phor Tob. 

While he was cleaning the alms bowl of Luang Phor Tob, taking care of the betel and areca nut paraphernalia and making sure of Luang Phor Tob’s Kuti was well kept and swept. Luang Phor Tob noticed the intention of helpfulness and diligence from Luang Phor Kui. Hence, Luang Phor Tob began to teach Luang Phor Kui about Wicha. He teaches Luang Phor Kui about the methods of Takrut Tone, Powerful and Proper Inscription of Yant, Agkhara Spells, Phayant and amulets. He even taught Luang Phor Kui about Vipassana Kammathana methods to master his mind and control psychic abilities.

Soon, Luang Phor Tob taught Luang Phor Kui the Wicha Sek Khaw Sarn Hai Gai Kin (enchanted rice grains to give to a hen) and the intensive detailed methods of making Phra. All of this happened while Luang Phor Kui was still a novice monk but he was already becoming immensely adopted at these Wicha.

When Luang Phor Kui reached the age of 22, he was ordained as a monk on 4th March BE 2486 with Pra Maha Yuak as his Upachaya Ordaining Officer, Pra Atigarn Kampan as his Gammawajajarn Promoting Officer and Pra Atigarn Wan dee as his Anusawanajarn Witness. He received the ‘Chaayaa’ monk name of Tidta Tammo, which means ‘he who has his mind and heart firm in the Dhamma”. After his Ordination, Luang Phor Kui stayed with his Upachayas for 2 years and fulfilled his duties and studied Dhamma further. After this, he asked for permission to leave and return to Wat Chon Daen to continue to learn Wicha Akom Buddha Magic with Luang Phor Tob. Once Luang Phor Kui had finished his years of apprenticeship to Luang Phor Tob, he requested to leave Wat Chon Daen as he was setting off on Tudong both within and outside of Thailand’s borders.

Luang Phor Kui then traveled back to his home district and the Sangha Office. Luang Phor Kui was asked to be the Bishop of Eebun Municipality and administrate the monks and Samaneras of the District. After serving this task for around 10 years, Luang Phor Kui became bored with this task and requested to leave this position as he wanted to go for Tudong once again.

This time during his Tudong, he traveled to Jampa sak in the southern Jungles of Laos, and then further south into Cambodia. he met many forest monks and Ruesi during his trval through the forests of Laos and Cambodia from whom he received the Wicha of Somdej Lun of Laos from Kruba Daeng and Lao-Khmer Sorcery from Luang Phor Gromsorn (Luang Phor Rod) Wat Nong Phai in Khon Gaen.

From  BE 2512- 2517, Luang Phor Kui returned back to Wat Chon Daen to serve Luang Phor Tob once again.Now that Luang Phor Kui has gotten more experience through his Tudong and increased his prowess, Luang Phor Tob began to reveal his complete Compendium of Wicha bestowing all of his knowledge to Luang Phor Kui. It was here that Luang Phuor Kui was able to receive the most highly sought-after Wicha of Luang Phor Suk Wat Pak Klong Makham Tao and was able to meet and receive Wicha from Luang Phor Pra Maha Po Wat Khor Mon and Luang Phor Mui Wat Don Rai.

Building Wat Sap Takian

In BE 2517, Luang Phor Kui  went to Tudong in the area of the Mountain Ranges of Petchaboon, when he came across the area of Ban Tam Duang. He saw the village and foresaw how it would become in the future and in addition saw the peacefulness of the area, its waterfalls and river and natural forests fitting for Dhamma practice, and decided to ‘Pak Glod’ (stake his meditation umbrella) under a tree and stay to practice here. He thus stopped wandering, and the local devotees came to find him in the forest, and invited him to remain and help build a temple where he was practicing at Sap Takian.

The Village of Sap Takian was a small hamlet in the forest that was full of wild animals such as tigers,elephants,poisonous reptiles and insects. It was about forty kilometers through deep forests to get to the nearest small township, and would take weeks to cross the difficult mountainous terrain. So when the locals of the forest village of Tham Duang would become ill, Luang Phor Kui would collect forest herbs and make healing potions instead of taking the long journey to go and buy medicines.

He once healed the whole village of an epidemic with his magical potions. Many devotees of the surrounding villages and townships began to hear of his healing powers and came to heal their ailments. Luang Phor Kui would invite the villagers to come and keep the precepts and listen to the Dhamma, and learn how to Practice, which instilled much faith in them, and people began to come to practice. The temple began to develop, donations came in, and help from the Folk increased constantly. The little Kuti Hut the folk built for him was not to be accompanied by the ‘Senasana’ ancillary buildings, which would become the temple known today as Wat Sap Takian. Luang Phor Kui  was elected to become Abbot by the Sangha and by the local devotees and he remained there and completed many projects including the building of the Uposatha Shrine Room, Sala, and Ancillary Buildings for monks and devotees to practice Dhamma.

He always remained available to help the local folk, teaching of Dhamma and  bless them with his magic and amuelt till the day he passed on. Luang Phor Kui has consecrated lots of amulets which began appearing in the early BE 2540- 2545 which are extremely sought after for their Klaew Klaad and Metta Maha Niyom. The Look Om Chan Hmak of Luang Phor Kui is said to be miraculous and has had various stories of miraculous events in the news with people surviving deadly events who only wore the Chan Hmak Betel-Areca Ball of Luang Phor Kui.

Stories of Luang Phor Kui

  1. One man was thrown off his motorcycle and the bike was completely smashed to pieces but the person was unharmed without a scratch. All he had with him was the Look Om Chan Hmak of Luang Phor Kui.
  1. Immense fervour arose after a policeman was shot at point blank range by a criminal and the gun refused to fire which saved his life. This event was covered in national news and remains unexplained to this day. The Policeman was astounded as he was on a mission and the criminal started to suspect him and point blank range at him but the gun just won’t not fire. The Policeman was hence able to survive the incident but was curious as to if it was because of the Chan Hmak of Luang Phor Kui he was carrying at the time. So he decided to break the rules of amulets and put it to the test with his revolver by shooting at it. The gun would not shoot repeatedly when he pointed it at the Look om Chan Hmak.

 So the policeman pointed the gun at the ceiling and tried to shoot again. The gun still                         did not shoot, but it broke in half and caused an injury to the policeman’s hand. As  if it was punishing him for being impetuous with the Wicha which had saved his life. The policeman’s gun was broken and he had to be treated at the Infirmary to fix his injuries.

The policeman had to be treated in hospital for the damage done. The testing of amulets with guns is  forbidden as rules of the Kruba Ajarn and the sacred power of amulets was meant to be reserved for saving lives and not for testing the power. This should always be remembered and respected. That the power of an amulet to deflect or forbid bullets, should be left for when it is needed, and not be wasted trying to satisfy curiosity, or deal with doubts.

Luang Phor Kui was famous for his Phra Kring Paetch Glab Buddha statuette. Luang Phor Kui consecrated him following the methods that Luang Phor Tob passed to him.  Other highly favoured and rare amulets of Luang Phor Kui are his Takrut Tone, Takrut Gao Chan, Roop Lor Loi Ongk statuette, and his Khun Phaen amulets. Luang Phor Tob taught Luang Phor Kui to use his famous waving Posture to show his Palm of his Hand for he possessed three major powers that of calling wealth, that of speaking with spirits to convince them to assist and that of turning bad luck into good luck. He blesses his devotees by emanating these three powers with his waving posture. Luang Phor Kui passed on in BE 2554. 

Phetchabun Wat Sap Takiam 有位相當知名的住持, 他就是Luang Phor Kui, 僧侶生涯超過75年.

Luang Phor Kui i於BE 2454年出生在碧武裡府,因為地處偏僻,所以他的出生登記晚報了十年. 高僧自幼家境貧困,12歲時小學畢業之後,他的父親也在當年過世. 他在父親過世後,隨即出家當沙彌,希望以此出家功德來回向父親. 直到他父親的遺體火化當天,他的母親曾經表示過希望他還俗,但他卻向他的母親說:“他希望繼續披著僧袍造福群眾.”

之後他前往Wat Chon Daem,協助Luang Phor Tob挑水、打掃寺廟等雜務. Luang Phor Tob 對於Luang Phor Kui當時的付出非常欣賞,所以教導Luang Phor Kui加持佛牌、符通等聖物之法術. Luang Phor Kui用了六年的時間來認真學習這些術法. 直到22歲,也是其成年之時,Luang Phor Kui 才於Wat Srimenkoon正式出家成為一位僧侶。

Luang Phor Kui 於此寺修習佛法兩年之後,他隨即跟隨阿贊連師父到寮國(老撾)的山林禪坐修行. 之後他回到泰國,他前去向 Luang Phor Poon Wat Paliom 學習佛法和法術. 在學習一段時間後,他回到Luang Phor Tob身邊,Luang Phor Tob 繼續將其終身所學傳給了他的愛徒Luang Phor Kui. Luang Phor Kui在學成之後,到山林裡閉關修行。在BE 2517,Luang Phor Kui在Saptakhian地區修行,由於當地遠離鬧區,大師認為很適合建立一座佛寺作為修行之處.因此Luang Phor Kui向當地的百姓談論和募款,眾人知道後也非常樂意幫忙高僧,於是在信徒出錢出力下,成立了Wat Sap Takiam. 在這間佛寺成立後, Luang Phor Kui 督制加持50余次的聖物,將以此募得的金額作為增建寺院的款項。有此可見Luang Phor Kui是一位非常堅定修行的師父,令當地百姓仰慕.

Luang Phor Kui 是泰國高僧之一,當地可以說無人不曉,修行很深,他督造的佛牌中以坤平和古曼最為出名,從功效上來看以招財及擋災避險是最為著名,甚至大師的法照總是高高地舉著右手(像招財貓),像征招財之意。由於Luang Phor Kui比較低調,出的牌不多,所以很少人知道.早期的第一期符通聖物在督制完畢後,剛剛開始公開讓善信恭請,幾天裡,就被請供一空,現今的市值因為市面少見也是持續飛漲.

曾經有一位執業五年左右的計程車司機,他每天的所得,不是僅夠糊口,就是不敷開銷,使得他無法養家. 有一次,他聽到同行司機說Luang Phor Kui要前往另一間佛寺,他非常希望能去拜見Luang Phor Kui,但他必須要開整天的計程車才能足以養家. 因此他拿著Luang Phor Kui的法照,在心裡想著如果他能夠有錢去拜見師父,將是一件非常棒的事情.

隨後有位客人突然招他的計程車坐到目的地,當時計程車表雖然只跳到300元,沒想到這位客人卻很大方的給他1000元,其他錢給他當作小費. 這位司機非常高興地帶著這筆錢去拜見Luang Phor Kui,而且請供高僧的招財聖物掛在計程車上.從此以後,沒想到每天都有很多客人招呼他的計程車,讓他每天的生意都能夠盈餘800─1000元. 這位計程車司機因此對於師父慈悲的加持力也銘感於心.

BE 2551年,曾經有位不相信Luang Phor Kui 佛牌法力的人想要試試高僧聖物的威力,Laung Phor Kui 雖然好心卻說不要無故這麼做,但是那個人執迷不悟、堅持要試,於是就用自帶的槍向一位佩戴了高僧佛牌的善信射擊,不料子彈炸膛當時自己死於非命,而佩戴高僧佛牌的人就安然無恙. 


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