Luang Phor Kaew

Luang Phor Kaew

by Jun Wei

Luang Phor Kaew is a well-respected guru monk in the Southern part of Thailand. Luang Phor Kaew was ordained as a monk in Wat Sai Khow in Pattani province. Luang Phor Kaew is merciful.In fact, Luang Phor Kaew has many disciples. Luang Phor Kaew was also one of the monks who joined in the blessing of the first batch Luang Phor Tuad amulet is made of Nur Wan by Wat Chang Hai, Pattani in BE 2497. Amulets that are blessed by Luang Phor Kaew had news from many devotees personal experiences, for example his first Rian.

After his ordination, Luang Phor Kaew studied mantras from many guru monks and then went on Tudong in the cemetery which was mysterious and scary back in the olden days. Luang Phor Kaew spent a total of 16 years in Tudong. When Luang Phor Kaew was older and not as strong as his youth time, he decided to stay at Wat Saphanmai Kaen, Songkhla permanently. Just within a few years that Luang Phor Kaew came to Wat Saphanmai Kaen, the temple was developed and became prosperous.

It is believed that the magical power of Luang Phor Kaew is very strong. Whenever Laung Phor Kaew consecrated amulets, the amulets that were reported to save people’s lives by stopping a bullet, stopping a bomb, protection against evil spirits and protection against dangerous animals. In fact, there were devotees that lived in Yala, Pattani, Narathiwat that had experienced the protection from the amulets that Luang Phor Kaew consecrated . There is even news about a devotee that was protected from a bomb in Bali, Indonesia as the person was wearing a Luang Phor Kaew’s amulet.

In addition to protection against weapons, there was a news story about a malaysian man that received black magic and could not find anyone to help. However, the disciples of Luang Phor Kaew took the man to seek help from Luang Phor Kaew. The most surprising thing was that when the man got out of the car and saw Luang Phor Kaew, he immediately fainted and was back to normal when he woke up.

The locals and devotees from Malaysia respected Luang Phor Kaew very much not only from miracle but also his kindness as Luang Phor Kaew is always kind to everyone who needs help and would distribute amulets out to whoever that visits him.

Luang Phor Kaew passed away on 22th April BE 2562 at the age of 112.

介紹之前, 留意一下, Luang Phor Kaew 近代出名的有3, 一個就係 Luang Phor Kaew Wat Lahanrai , 一個就係 Phor Than Kaew Wat Huay Ngor.

金蛇法杖聖僧 Luang Phor Kaew 是泰南著名的消災解難的百歲高僧,高僧為人樂觀,好善樂施,經常到各地去舉辦祈福法會,為各寺廟籌集資金,就算超過一百歲了,還是在陌陌地耕耘,非常細心刻苦. Luang Phor Kaew 的蛇頭法杖有名氣很大,以致有蛇頭權杖Kaew”的名號.

Luang Phor Kaew 出生於 BE 2455,本名 Ramona Inkeaw Grantham. BE 2497年開始鑄造佛牌. Luang Phor Kaew 所督造佛牌擁有神聖靈驗常駐的威力. Luang Phor Kaew 除了是一位極有修為的高僧,也是泰國北大年一位極有名氣的解降與消災大師,大師平時深居簡出,許多來自星馬泰的善信們,都不惜千里迢迢往北大年拜會聖僧,要求聖僧出手相助.

因為Luang Phor Kaew 的廟舍只有他一個人,偶爾會請理事會成員幫忙打點,所以大師所督造的聖物無論是畫符、剪銅片、點蠟等都是親手做的,所以數量普遍都不多,除一些拜託工廠倒模的例外,也因此佛牌都比較粗糙,除此之外師父最出名的就是水晶石,非常罕有.

大師的聖物很強,如果自己的身體不好,或者有臟邪之物在身旁,大師督造的聖物會顯現提示,大師的修為,驅魔解降法力之高強. 解降的力量相當於消災解難,驅魔解降,避險擋災的力量.


一對夫婦,其女兒被邪靈附身,他們曾試圖找很多名師,僧侶來醫治他們的女兒。但是他們的女兒就是不能被治癒. 但是,當他們聽到Luang Phor Kaew 是位解降大師,他們便很快就到Luang Phor Kaew 的寺廟,拜託Luang Phor Kaew 醫治他們的女兒. Luang Phor Kaew 閉上了眼睛,高呼他們的女兒名字. Luang Phor Kaew 他睜開眼睛,告訴夫妻倆可以回家了,並說一切都很好. 但是這對夫妻他們不相信,事情就是這麼簡單能夠解決. 但他們還是回家了檢查.當他們回到家時,震驚地看到,他們的女兒已經恢復正常,並能走路和他們打招呼. 於是他們全家人都很感謝Luang Phor Kaew.

巴厘島爆炸案- Luang Phor Kaew 有位信徒穿戴著Luang Phor Kaew督造的佛牌,在巴厘島爆炸案中的爆炸並沒有被炸彈殺害. 所以這位信徒非常感激Luang Phor Kaew.

Luang Phor Kaew BE 2562佛曆4月圓寂.




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