Luang Phor Hoan

Luang Phor Hoan

by Jun Wei

Luang Phor Hoan was born in December BE 2478 at Ban Khaodaeng-Oak (or call Ban Rongtruan) , Moo 5 , Tumbon Payakhan, Ampher Murng, Pattalung. He was known as Mr Hoan Parneiad before his ordination as a monk. While his father’s name was Mr Ma Parneiad and his mother’s name was Mrs Larp Parneiad. In fact, Luang Phor Hoan has 2 older brothers that make him the youngest among his siblings. Luang Hoan graduated from Ban Khaodaeng Primary School after receiving his year 4 education and started to study philosophy, magic and the incantation of his ancestors. Since we mentioned his ancestors, we would need to mention that he is in fact the grandson of Luang Phor Moon Wat Khao Daeng.

Luang Phor Hoan first ordained as a monk at Wat Khaodaeng-oak when he was at the age of 21. His preceptors were Phra Ajarn Pard Wat Kuanmapraw, Phra Ajarn Nuan Wat Khuanmapraw (who was a well-known guru monk) and Phra Ajarn Moon Wat Khaodaeng-oak (Kornrnamyrhrharit) (As people would address him as Luang Phor Moon that is well-known in Pattalung Province). After his first ordination, Luang Phor Hoan followed and served Ajarn Moon at Wat Khaodaeng-oak for an year before he became a layman.

But in BE 2453, Luang Phor Hoan ordained for the second time. And this time his preceptors were Phra Kru Pipat Woratham Wat Suwannaram, Phra Palad Somchai Thammajaree Wat Hardsumran (Kornrnamyrhrharit) and Phra Lumduan Panyavaro Wat Hardsumran. Hence this time, Luang Phor Hoan received his monk name “Taechaparo”. On top of that, after his second ordination he stayed and studied at Wat Hardsumran for a duration of 2 years.

Afterward the kith and kin invited Luang Phor Hoan to come back to Wat Banplu, Phatthalung. Luang Phor Hoan then spent another 2 years in Wat Banplu. Afterwards, he was been appointed as the abbot of Wat Sathangyai, Tumbon Harnpoh, Amphur Khaochaisont, Pattalung on 1st October BE 2548 (During that time, Luang Phor Hoan was already at the age of 60 and had ordained 5 Pansa and his academic standing was Dharma Scholar Advanced Level).

Nowadays the locals and people that come to pay respect to him would often ask for his blessing to eliminate the threat of black magic as he is well-known for getting rid of black magic and bad aura. On top of that, they would also ask Luang Phor Hoan for his amulets as there are reports of devotees mentioning that by wearing his amulets they could no longer see spirits at their workplace or at the hotel they are staying during their overseas trip.






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