Luang Phor Eia

Luang Phor Eia

by Jun Wei

Luang Phor Eia also can be known as Phra Khru SangWoRaKitTiKhun was born on 9th May BE 2448 in Prachinburi Province. Due to his admiration towards Buddhism, at the age of 17 Luang Phor Eia got ordained as a novice on 8th May BE 2465. After Luang Phor Eia studied Dharma and could fully understand it, he went to study with Luang Phor Suk Wat Pla Kong Makamtao in Chainat Province. When he reached the age of 20, Luang Phor Eia ordained as a monk at Wat SamPhan, Prachinburi Province on 18th May BE 2468. After his ordination, he stayed at Wat Ban Dan. One day, Luang Phor Eia met Luang Phor KoLanFa, a Laotian monk by chance. As Luang Phor KoLanFa  had stopped and rested near Wat Ban Dan. Luang Phor KoLanFa was an expert at magic. After seeing Luang Phor KoLanFa, Luang Phor Eia invited him to stay at Wat Ban Dan. Luang Phor KoLanFa stayed at Wat Ban Dan for more than 6 months before he headed back to Laos. Luang Phor Eia studied magic under the guidance of Luang Phor KoLanFa when he was at Wat Ban Dan. In BE 2482, Luang Phor Eia was appointed as the abbot of Wat Ban Dan. Luang Phor Eia was a good monk as he would always help people. Due to this, he was well-respected by the people. Luang Phor Eia passed away on 17th July BE 2521 at the age of 73.

Luang Phor Eia 出生于BE 2448 59日,巴真府. 因为对佛教的热忱,他17岁的时候,就于BE 2465 58日成为小沙弥. 在他专研学习佛法之后,他就去向 Luag Phor Suk Wat Pla Kong Makamtao 学习. 当他20岁的时候,他于BE 2468 518日在巴真府的Wat SamPhan出家为僧. 在那之后,他就住在Wat Ban Dan 里头. 有一天,Luang Phor Eia 在机遇下遇见Luang Phor KoLanFa. Luang Phor KoLanFa Wat Ban Dan 附近休息. Luang Phor KoLanFa是魔法专家. Luang Phor Eia 邀请 Luang Phor KoLanFa留在寺庙. Luang Phor KoLanFa住在Wat Ban Dan 超过6个月,然后回到辽国.  Luang Phor KoLanFa在寺庙的时候,Luang Phor Eia 就与他一同研究魔法. BE 2482, Luang Phor Eia 成为Wat Ban Dan 的住持. Luang Phor Eia 是一个很好的师傅,总是帮助人,所以他被很多人推崇. Luang Phor Eia BE 2521 717日圆寂,享年73.






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