Luang Phor Niam was born in around BE 2372- 2373 in Ban Parperk Village, Bangplamar, Suphanburi Province. Although there is not much information about his background. It is believed that Luang Phor Niam was ordained at Wat Rakhang in BE 2393 and had learned sacred magic from Somdej Prabuddhacharn Toh. There is this belief that “If you wear Luang Phor Niam amulet, you will not shed a single drop of blood” till today, thus his amulet is highly sought after. As the amulet consecrated by Luang Phor Niam covers all the properties the wearer wear for. Luang Phor Niam is widely known and accepted as “Thep Pa Chow” of Suphanburi Province. Translated to English, it refers to Number 1 in Suphanburi Province.

Wat Noi was established many years ago but was deserted in BE 2310 after the Burmese army invaded Thailand. Luang Phor Niam was invited to become the abbot of Wat Noi and has spent years renovating the temple till it was considered one of the most beautiful temples in the province.

Luang Phor Niam is the teacher for both Luang Phor Nong Wat Klong Madan, and Luang Phor Parn Wat Bang Nom Kor. Both Luang Phor Nong and Luang Phor Parn are considered Arahant monks. In short, Luang Phor Niam is considered as a heavy duty Arahant. Before Luang Phor Niam passed away in BE 2453, he told Luang Phor Parn : “Than Parn, if i die and you have any doubts in Ultra Dharma, please go to see Luang Phor Nong as he will take my place.”

Luang Phor Nong is also master of Luang Phor Sod Wat Paknam, Luang Phor Kruen Wat Sangkositaram (Teacher of Luang Phor Lum Wat Samakkee Tham) and Luang Phor Toh Wat Pradoochimplee. Hence, Luang Phor Niam passed away peacefully in the unique aspect of a lying Buddha Image at the age of 81. His corpse was burnt on April 13-14 BE 2454 five months after his death.

Stories of Luang Phor Niam:

No camera can take a photo of Luang Phor Niam until the day he passes away with reclining Buddha Position. When he is still alive, simply no cameras are able to take photo shots of him, simply blank when photo is developed, numerous cases reported . Photographers who do not believe when they are told by monks and try themselves. It is reported the photographers took many shots while Luang Phor Niam was at sitting position, standing position and also walking position, simply can't develop or can't see Luang Phor Niam picture in group photo.

When Luang Phor Parn went to Wat Noi first sight seeing him as a sloppy old monk sweeping the floor and asking to learn from him. Luang Phor Niam laughed and asked "" everybody around said I am crazy are you sure you want to learn from me ?"" Luang Phor Parn replied ""Yes, Luang Phor, if you teach me how to be crazy then we can go crazy together"". Luang Phor Niam laughed out loud and said ""Monk came from the old city is really different, I like you! haha"" Old city means Ayutthaya. Then Luang Phor Niam asked Luang Phor Parn to see him at 9 pm after the evening chanting session. When Luang Phor Parn went to Luang Phor Niam kuti to pay respect, he was shocked to see Luang Phor Niam in elegant robes and body emitting ""Golden Aura"". Luang Phor Parn knows clearly in heart that he has found a Great Arahant Master.- This is recorded in Luang Phor LersiLingdam Booklet."

During Luang Phor Parn's stay in Wat Noi, he witnessed villagers come to Luang Phor Niam for help when bitten by poisonous snakes. Usually Luang Phor Niam will know in advance and tell the injured patient what color and type of snake had bitten them before the patient informed him. Luang Phor Niam will use holy water and betel nuts on wounds and the wounded person will get cured. Luang Phor Parn was curious and asked Luang Phor Niam for the wicha for removing poison from the snake bite. LP Niam replied ""Parn, Ultra Dharma Vipansana Yant exceeds Wicha or Magic ! You must train until your mind power is so strong that you can command whatever you want, know what you want to know, to be wherever you want, etc no need magic at all!"" Thereafter, Luang Phor Niam departed his higher level meditation knowledge to Luang Phor Parn. Thereafter, Luang Phor Parn is also famous for curing snake bites.

There is a Chinese Towkay who went to see Luang Phor Niam for holy water to cure his daughter who is very sick. At that time, Luang Phor Niam is busy at the Sala (kitchen hall) doing some chores and asks him to take water from the river pier beside the temple, and pray with 3 joss sticks for Buddha, Dharma and Sangha protection. Thereafter, Luang Phor Niam told the Towkay the water he took from the pier is already holy water, no need blessed. The Towkay had no choice but to accept it, and on his way back poured the water from the pail thinking that Luang Phor Niam is not serious in helping him. By surprise, no matter how he poured the water out from the pail, the water was unable to get out, as it became ice! He immediately went back to see Luang Phor Niam and cried to ask for forgiveness, thereafter he brought the water back home for her daughter to drink and bathe, not long after his daughter recovered fully. Till today, people in Suphanburi still go to Wat Noi pier and get the holy water from the river. It is believed that Luang Phor Niam has made an incantation at the Pier that water taken is holy. There is a rich tycoon who gave a reward of 1 million baht if anybody could dive in the river and found Luang Phor Niam takrut made at the pier to enable the water to become holy water, but till date no one can find it.

In BE 2445, celebrating Luang Phor Niam 72th year old (6 cycle) Birthday, there were 100 over hawker stalls stationed in Wat Noi compound. Suddenly the sky turned very dark and could see a short distance away having heavy rainfalls, and many stalls started panicking packing to keep their stuff. Suddenly, Luang Phor Niam walked out from the kuti, and told them ""hey, no need to pack stuff, it will rain elsewhere but it will not in Wat Noi"". Thereafter, Luang Phor Niam does walking meditation outside his kuti, and strange phenomena occurs that the rains only fall outside the Wat Noi compound only, the temple itself no rains can come in. Everybody at that time witnessed heavy rain only outside the Wat Noi compound, and no rains can reach the temple compound.

LP Boon Wat Klang Bang Kaew at that time was chief monk in charge of three provinces - Nakon Pathom, Samut Sakorn and Suphanburi. Whenever the boat trip passby Suphanburi, he will tell his devotees that Luang Phor Niam of Wat Noi, ""Geng Mak Mak"" means very powerful and Luang Phor Boon has good respect for him. On the day of Luang Phor Niam funeral, Luang Phor Boon instructed to print 1000 Buddhist leaflets to distribute at Wat Noi in memory of late Luang Phor Niam as a Great Master of Suphanburi. Luang Phor Boon Wat Klang Bang Kaew and Luang
Phor Tub Wat Thong also went to attend the funeral at Wat Noi.

One fine morning, Luang Phor Niam asks villagers to prepare food for around 50 monks for lunch, when villagers ask Luang Phor Niam just smile and reply ""when time comes you will know"". Number 1 Tiger Maker of Thailand LP Parn Wat Bang Hia brought a group of 50 monks to Tudong in Suphanburi and went to Wat Palelai for praying, on the way back, they bypass Wat Noi before lunch time (around 10 plus am). There is a strong wind blowing at them and it seems that they cannot proceed any further. Luang Phor Parn then smiled and told the group of monks that ""it seems that the owner of Wat Noi wants to invite us into the temple, we should go in and pay a visit" then they proceed to the temple. Villagers were shocked to see so many monks come to Wat Noi and wonder how Luang Phor Niam can know in advance hours in advance !" Luang Phor Parn Wat Bang Hia and Luang Phor Niam first met each other, they respect each other as high level Dharma accomplished masters.

This has been passed down from generation to generation that Luang Phor Niam mentioned that the the amulet he blessed he already knew who will the wearer or future wearers, in short his amulet will find the right owner.

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