Kruba Na

Kruba Na

by Jun Wei

Kruba Na is a solitary monk that lives alone on the mountain (Don Hui) in Lamphun Province, the Northern Part of Thailand whereby it is very quiet and peaceful. Although Kruba Na is getting older, he still looks very fit. Whenever people visit him, he would welcome them by tying a holy thread around everyone’s wrist. 

In fact, Kruba Na is the brother of Kruba Sujai who is also a great monk. He and Kruba Sujai ordained as monks together however Kruba Sujai had passed on already. Kruba Na had spent half of his life keeping Dharma in the way of Kruba Srivichai the most well-known Northern guru monk whom he admires and Kruba Khowpi who is his teacher. Everyday Kruba Na would still pay respect to his teacher’s status. 

There are reports of Kruba Na performing wonders. The first wonder that has been reported is believed to have happened during one of the nights whereby the Karens who live on Doi Hui (mountain) dreamt of Kruba Na while they were sleeping. In their dreams, they dreamed that Kruba Na told them to visit him at the temple in the morning. So during the morning period, the Karens gathered at the temple and excitedly shared among themselves about what they had dreamt about. To everyone’s surprise, they were having the same dream. It so happened that there was a bus in the temple and the bus contained the disciples of Kruba Na however the bus had broken down in the middle of the night hence Kruba Na brought the Karens to help. The second wonder that was performed by Kruba Na was that there was someone there practicing meditation who saw a bright light coming from Kruba Na. 

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