Kruba DuangDee

Kruba DuangDee

by Jun Wei

Kruba DuangDee was born on 26th April BE 2449 at ChiangMai Province. Kruba DuangDee has eight brothers and sisters in his family. When he was 11 years old, he followed his parents to offer food to Kruba Srivichai as Kruba Srivichai is regarded as one of the guru monks in the northern side of Thailand. During that offering, Kruba Srivichai told his parents that : “In the future your son would be a good monk.” It turns out that 2 years later, when Kruba DuangDee was 13 years old he was ordained as a novice and he went to serve Kruba Srivichai. Kruba DuangDee was at the age of 21 In BE 2470 and he decided to be ordained as a monk. However, in BE 2481 Kruba Srivichai passed away while Kruba DuangDee was only 32 years old. After cremating Kruba Srivichai, Kruba Chao Apichai who was also a disciple of Kruba Srivichai gave a piece of Kruba Srivichai’s skull bone to Kruba DuangDee. In fact, it is known that Kruba DuangDee was the last disciple of Kruba Srivichai.

Kruba DuangDee is a well-respected guru monk as he would donate lots of money to build public utilities such as hospitals, schools and others. In addition there is one thing that Kruba DuangDee often mentions: that is he wished that every devotee should believe strongly in the Buddhist teachings and those who have heard of his teaching will be prosperous and happy as always under the protection of Buddha.

Kruba DuangDee who is the last disciple of Kruba Srivichai passed away on 6th February BE 2553 at the age of 104.




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