Ajarn Yied

Ajarn Yied

by Jun Wei

Ajarn Yied is the teacher of Ajarn Chum and Ajarn Kong Wat Ban Suan during his stay at Wat Khao Orr. Afterward, Ajarn Yied went to Wat Don Sala and was appointed as the abbot of Wat Don Sala.

Let’s start off with the story between Ajarn Yied and Ajarn Chum.

Ajarn Chum first went to look for Ajarn Tong Tao to further his magic knowledge under the guidance of Ajarn Tong Tao. But during that period of time, Ajarn Tong Tao was relatively old so he initiated Ajarn Chum to Ajarn Yied. Ajarn Yied was a direct disciple of Ajarn Tong Tao. But there was one particular thing that Ajarn Yied was not pleased with Ajarn Chum. As Ajarn Chum was often seen to have a different lady by his side. Once Ajarn Chum noticed the behavior of Ajarn Yied towards him he approached to get help from his friend, Khun Pan Tharak Rachadej who was a disciple of Ajarn Yied. As later on, Khun Pan Tharak Rachadej agreed to be a guarantor for Ajarn Chum's behaviour. Thereafter, Ajarn Chum began to further his study on the art of Khao Orr from Ajahn Yied who later became the abbot of Wat Don Sala.

In BE 2470, when Ajarn Chum was at the age of 20 he was ordained as a monk under the guidance of Luang Phor Kong at Wat Chaimongkol in Songkhla province and studied Dhamma from Luang Phor Kong. He advanced his magical study from Khao Or. During Ajarn Chum’s monkhood, he became a good friend of Ajarn Kong Wat Ban Suan who happens to also be a disciple of Ajarn Yied.

Initially, Ajarn Chum has the intention to ordain as a monk for an year but in the end it turns out that he became a monk for the duration of 15 years. At that time, Ajarn Chum was very famous when he went to Pintabat and would often receive many offerings.

By BE 2484, at the age of 34 after listening to the advice given by Ajarn Kong, Ajarn Chum consecrated his first batch of amulets with the help of Ajarn Yied. As Ajarn Yied gave Ajarn Chum some of the remaining powder “Phong Mahawan'' to be mixed inside the amulet. Hence, Ajarn Yied, Ajarn Kong and many other masters from Wat Khao Orr were invited to the blessing ceremony. Many wearers mentioned that wearing Ajarn Chum’s Phra Buddha Nimit is equivalent to wearing Ajarn Yied’s Phra Kleep Bua Mahawan. As Ajarn Chum has mastered the art of consecrating Tarul and Nangta to derive at Phra Buddha Nimit.

Credit to Brother Ace Yang for the picture

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