Ajarn Pleng

Ajarn Pleng

by Jun Wei

Ajarn Pleng Boonyuen is a well-known Ajarn in the South-East part of Thailand. Ajarn Pleng was born on 7th April BE 2464 at Thatoom District, Suerint Province. Ajarn Pleng was married to his wife (Mrs Yon Boonyuen) and had 7 children. On 16th February BE 2552, Ajarn Pleng passed away at Surin Hospital at the age of 87.

Ajarn Pleng mentioned that when he was still young and was around the appropriate age of schooling, he escaped from the city area into the forest to avoid political issues. As he has been accused of being communism. Once he escaped to the forest, he met someone called “Ajarn Pha”. Ajarn Pha was a Khmer Ajarn with white magic. Ajarn Pha then persuaded Ajarn Pleng to ordain. Soon after that, they both went to Tudong in the forests that includes the area of Surin, Sisaket, and even the land of Laos and Khmer. Both Ajarn Pha and Ajarn Pleng have been doing meditation together for more than 10 years. Ajarn Pleng says that he had eaten potatoes instead of rice in the forest, took a rest with a quiver of cobras abounded in a cave and always did meditation. He said he was safe from those deadly cobras by his incantation. Ajarn Pleng also mentioned that Ajarn Pha used to persuade Ajarn Pleng to be a monk and stay with him forever but Ajarn Pleng could not fulfill the request as he was a married man already. In BE 2492, Ajarn Pleng finds that the time is appropriate for him to leave monkhood and go back to a layman’s lifestyle.

6 months after leaving monkhood, Ajarn Pleng applied for a job as a teacher in a government high-school. He had the job and continue working till he was appointed as the school director before retiring.With his well-trained, supernatural, mental power, he had

the ability to enchant or magically spell anything around. His power was actually proved broadly in Issan. Once he was invited to open the "Saphan-maenam-moon(Mae-Nam-Moon Bridge)" festival. When he was performing his ritual by praying on his boat, many fish suddenly leaped onto his boat and people were really amazed. Hence, Ajarn Pleng became well-known among the villagers ever since then. Plenty of his enchanted amulets were mainly made of "Phong-prai" (spirit's dust). It is believed that whoever wears Ajarn Pleng’s amulet would be protected from black magic and evil spirits. Moreover, his amulets are also believed to have good luck charm effects.

This has to date back to the time when Ajarn Pleng was going to Tudong with Ajarn Pha together. As Ajarn Pleng had learned and mastered the Wicha knowledge that Ajarn Pha possessed. From  KrongKraPan and Metta, Ajarn Pleng also learnt how to mix “Waan” which means herbs. One of the most difficult Wicha knowledge that Ajarn Pleng learnt was about “Prai” (dust which is made of dead body's bones), as there were not many guru monks successfully learning about it. Ajarn Pleng’s intention to use Prai would to assist people and gain good deeds for the spirits itself (as the spirits, which were enchanted into dust, were involved with its willingness, no forcing). Ajarn Pleng was also knowledgeable about some black magic as he could overcome bad spirits before blessing them to turn good. After that, he would take their bones for the blending into dust together with his praying to spell the spirits. As a result, the dust that is finished is called "Pong-prai" (spirit's dust) to serve people the support, the luck, and the charm. Ajarn Pleng made the Pong-prai with his kindheartedness. As it meant that whoever owns the dust will be safe from evil spirits.

Ajarn Pleng would also use his power to support the others from being in trouble. There was once while he was still a teacher, his student was bitten by a snake and could not make it to a hospital on time. His parents took the student to see Ajarn Pleng for magical healing. Then Ajarn Pleng spelled his magic to heal the student, after that the student was surprisingly recovered and detoxified. After that, his reputation was spreading out widely. He could heal people that had been bitten by poisonous snakes.

About Ajarn Pleng’s Metta. One story can be telled. Once his friend was disappointed in love with a woman. He was so miserable and didn't want to live anymore. Ajarn Pleng had known about his suicidal thoughts and promised to help him. Then he gave him a charming amulet. After that, his friend succeeded in falling in love with the woman. He couldn't expose his power obviously, because he was afraid that he might be blamed for being so credulous.

When he was old, he had been making many amulets, which became really well-known in countries such as: Singapore. The first amulet he made was called : Phra Khun Paen. It is believed that those who owned his amulet had guaranteed that the amulet was such

a powerful charming magic. The method about making and enchanting the Phra Khun Paen amulet; Ajarn Pleng explained clearly that he had used 108 different kinds of herb and many rare herbal (called "Phaya")such as: Phaya Galong, Phaya Ngiew-dam, Phaya Cruea Long, Phaya Salika, Phaya Ta-kiean-hin, Phaya Gae-lae, Phaya Gu-ma-ree-faed, Jin-da-ma-nee dust, Gaa-fak, and 108 charming lipwax of Arjarn Pha. All the stated ingredients had been blessed by Arjarn Pha before another blessing during the auspicious time frame. Until the time had ended, he just only made less than 100 amulets. When he had finished blessing, all amulets were blessed for more than 3 months until they started to shake by his reciting power of magic. There was no doubt that those amulets  were called “ Phra Khun Paen Maha Saneh:  It contained powerful, charming, wealthy, and famous Buddha's grace. Many of his devotees seeking for it, until the amulets were distributed out. Many of them asked  Ajarn Pleng for making the amulets again. Then he decided to consecrate a few more batches of Phra Khun Paen amulet again. Then Ajarn Pleng consecrated the following batches of amulets :

Phra Khun Paen Maha Saneh (Por 1)

Phra Khun Paen Chom Talad (Por 2)

Phra Khun Paen Sa Yob Man

Phra Khun Paen Sa Kod Tub

Phra Khun Parn Prai 59 Toan

Phra Khun Paen Jom Surin

Phra Somdej Jom Surn

Phra Khun Paen Sad Kod Tud Bucha Kru

All his amulets were well sought-after. The batch of amulets that his devotees requested for the remake in BE 2543 was Phra Somdej Det Jorm Surin. The amulet was for wealth and luck.

Ajarn Pleng also made plenty of amulets, for example, "Ein Koo Maha Saneh” (a mini charming figure in the shape of a couple hugging each other). The amulet gives the wearer high-charming power. Wearers would be loved by people around, so this amulet was spreading widely the reputation of Ajarn Pleng. Another one is Rak-Yom . Ajarn Pleng was also spelling this amulet to manifest some sort of attractive power to the wearer such as working, wealthy, money, luck, etc. It also has a protective power for the owner's house, or anything depending on the owner's will. " See-Pueng (lip wax)" is an amulet that its power emphasizes on Maha Saneh. Mixing "Pongku-man" (children's dust) with the "Loop Om Pet Klab" (a Pet Klab herb molding into a little ball shape) results in turning bad into good. “Takrut - Tone” (Tarkut is a little enchanted piece of metal) is made for giving owners many kinds of Buddha's grace power: lucky, charming, wealthy, and immortality. "Takrut Pha Ya Ngoo Lueam '' emphasizes wealthiness attraction, to compare this amulet, imagine either giant or small animals easily come to and be eaten by "Pha Ya Ngoo Lueam" (python queen). Palakit  is a wooden enchanted amulet , which is made for supporting Maha Saneh. Furthermore, he also made a  "Pha Yant " (an enchanted mystic symbol written on a piece of fabric). Obviously, there are various sacred objects which are not stated.

Later, Ajarn Pleng stopped making amulets as he was getting old. And that every single amulets that he consecrated, were all made with his intention in every step of the whole process. Ajarn Pleng guaranteed and was knowledgeable on his magic. He intended to use his ability for good purposes, and for being good deeds for the spirit of the dust, not to curse the others. In short, we might say that he used "White Magic." On the other hand, his strategy is to persuade people to make merits for their well-being.








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