Ah Pek Rong Si

Ah Pek Rong Si

by Jun Wei

Ajarn Ngoh Kim Gui better known as Ah Pek Rong Si is Thailand’s chinese master of San Jao Shrine of Patum Thani who was well-known for Huang Jui Blessings.

He was born in China yet due to his father’s business at the age of 10 he and his family moved to Thailand. That made him become a Thai national later on. As there is not much other information about him.

It is known that since young he was very diligent and likes to learn Chinese mystic arts of Feng Shui, Fortune Reading and etc for his own personal interests. 

During the early stage of his career as a building contractor, he likes to gain merits by repairing Thai and Chinese temples and is highly respected. Later on, he changed his career by doing rice merchandising and opened a rice factory to fulfill his wish of using rice to help the less fortunate. Shortly after that, many that knew of his act and were impressed by his generosity. However many remain unknown about his forte and skill in changing fortune and a person’s afterborn life as he did it for help and leisure rather than occupation or commercial means.

In addition, he was also highly respected as a teacher and master as well as for his merits and merciful nature. He was always ready to help people around him and regard others’ welfare before his own. It is believed that many who asked for divination from him benefitted in their life and business greatly.

As a matter of fact, he could tell fortune by looking at the features of a person. His amulet is respectfully known and is loved and cherished by the local folks for his tirelessness in assisting with their ailments, financial difficulties and in helping to change their luck from bad to good.

Up till today, many devotees still pay respect to him. Not only in Thailand but also countries such as Singapore. It has even been revealed and reported that the CP group Thailand worships Ah Pek Rong Si. The CP group is famous for their products which are widely sold and also being the boss of  the 7-11 franchise of Thailand. Their chinese immigrants father and uncle being Chia Ek Chor (谢易初) and Chia Siew Whooy (谢少飞) respectively who are the founders of CP group are being helped by Ah Pek Rong Si. Which allows the business to flourish till the business is being passed down to the next generation. They started CP in 1921 by opening a seed store called Chia Tai Chueng in Bangkok's Chinatown during the reign of King Rama VI. They imported seeds and vegetables from China and exported pigs and eggs to Hong Kong.

Due to the limited amounts of amulets consecrated by Ajarn Ngoh, many of his amulet’s value has gone up as many Sian Phra (amulets experts) in Thailand are keeping them and was  also recently reported in newspapers and magazines. 

Sacred items being concercated by Ajarn Ngoh had proved its wearer to change luck and adjust loss of elements since birth and then being given to his disciples in BE 2523. You will be surprised to see many old and present Chineses towkay of Chinatown (Yaowarat) wearing this batch of amulet till now, it should be one of the items left by Ajarn Ngoh which is still affordable compared to his rian and lockets which had soared in pricing. 

Ajarn Ngoh passed away in BE 2526 at 86 years old.

As being told by his own disciple, Ajarn Ngoh is also a medium by nature which when he is doing blessing, there are times that they witnessed Thep coming into him which he speaks different forms of languages which none can understand and very mysterious. As explained by an collector and further support by Luang Phor Yit Wat Chulamanee they both share the same thinking that Ajarn Ngoh  is '仙', and the reason why his amulets are efacious as he 'invited' Theps who will help us as in terms of level, they are closer and around us. As based on the merits of people, at times the merits we gain yet to reach the level of receiving help from monks as they have high merits and we may not reach that level. 

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